The First “Unique Pieces Library” of Cyprus to be established at the Near East University

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Added On: 24 December 2017, Sunday, 23:34
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The First “Unique Pieces Library” of Cyprus to be established at the Near East University

Subsequent to establishing the NEU Grand Library, which is a library and a culture centre at an international standard, which provides access to comprehensive data, Near East University is now establishing its second large library for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The library will be established on Near East University campus and will comprise unique pieces and special collections and will be titled as “Unique Pieces Library”. It was pointed out that the Ahmet C. Gazioğlu, Atila Türk, Kutlu Adalı, Erdoğan Mirata, Osman Türkay and Özker Yaşın’s Special Collections displayed at the Near East University Grand Library will also be included into the Unique Pieces Library.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, unique pieces, research, hand-written books, personal collections from the fields of literature, history and art, alongside pieces and work of well-known researchers of our country, and CMC archive will be displayed at the “Unique Pieces Library”. This library will be acknowledged as the second largest library to be established on the NEU campus. Furthermore, the most historical building of the Near East University campus, which is currently being used as the Rectorship Building will be redesigned and its original-historical features will be preserved. Additionally, the building will refurnished with latest information technologies.

Invaluable Pieces will be gathered at this library…

The Unique Pieces Library will included the single and original copies of certain books, book collections of well-known figures handwritten and pressed in Ottoman, Arabic and Persian, albums and belongings, alongside books in Latin, dictionaries, maps, encyclopaedias, official documents, archive, edicts and the work and pieces of the most significant figures of Cyprus will also be available at the library.

Names of figures who made their mark in our history will be kept alive via their collections…

Names of figures who made their mark on the world’s and our country’s history will be kept alive via their collections. These figures are valuable figures from science, art and philosophy will be presented within archive rooms and special study rooms. The digital copies of the collections available at the library will be offered as an open access as well as providing the chance to examine the original copies within study rooms and archive rooms. Additionally, historical videos will be available at the Unique Pieces Library and visitors will have the opportunity to watch videos, listen to recordings and work in either personal and/or group study rooms. Furthermore, there will be archive rooms regarding significant researchers throughout the Cyprus Turkish History.

Modern Infrastructure and Comfortable Study Rooms will be available…

It was pointed out that the library to be established will be equipped with contemporary equipment and devices enabling visitors to easily locate books and documents with a fast and safe system. The preservation of unique pieces and access to these will be managed with the assistance of latest information technologies, and the library will include information centres. In addition to the above, cinevision rooms, audio and visual archive rooms, special reading and resting rooms for disabled users will be available at the library. Moreover, the archive rooms will have a special air-conditioning system to preserve the unique pieces and, biometric devices (finger-print and optical screening) supported security systems will be installed.

The Library will provide access to invaluable Pieces…

The Unique Pieces Library will offer great opportunities to the students and researchers of the Near East University; as they will have access to invaluable pieces.