The concept of beauty has become a major economic sector… Near East University was represented at the Conference on Educational Sciences…
Date Added: 14 January 2020, 16:08
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 16:05

Led by the University of Leeds, the International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Behavioral Science was held in Istanbul. The Head of the Department of Hair Care and Beauty Services of the Vocational School of Near East University, Asst. Professor Doctor Yeşim Üstün Aksoy participated in the event and made a presentation.

Asst. Professor Doctor Yeşim Üstün Aksoy made a presentation on her study titled "The Role of Effective Communication Skills in Hair Care and Beauty Services and Their Effect on Professional Success" and provided information on how the concept of beauty had changed and developed as we had become a more culturally diverse, global community.

Asserting that the concept of beauty had undergone many changes from the oldest times to the present day, Asst. Prof. Dr. Aksoy underlined that innovations in technology, science and medicine played a sparking role in leading hair care and beauty services towards becoming a major economic sector. Asst. Professor Doctor Aksoy drew attention to significant effect of these technological, scientific and medical innovations on people, particularly on women seeking for beauty tailored for them. Asst. Prof. Dr. Aksoy underlined the crucial role of these millennial changes in the concept of beauty in leading the hair care and beauty services to become a major economic sector.

Communication skills have an important place in professional success...
Highlighting that many factors played a significant role in accomplishing hair care and beauty services, Asst. Professor Yeşim Üstün Aksoy drew attention to the important role of effective communication in achieving professional success. Underlining that professional qualifications alone might not be sufficient to be successful, Asst. Prof. Aksoy stated that some beauty professionals with positive competence in their fields could not be sufficiently successful because of their inability in effective communication while some beauty professionals could achieve a higher status than others because of their high ability in communication skills, even though they were at an average level professionally.

Stating that neither communication skills nor professional competence alone was adequate to achieve success, Asst. Professor Doctor Yeşim Üstün Aksoy underlined that both communication skills and professional competence together were necessary to achieve real success.