The backbone of Health is Midwifery
Date Added: 30 April 2019, 08:31
Last Updated Date:19 November 2020, 10:18
Head Nurse of Near East University Hospital Türkan Şahin the roots of the midwifery profession went back to the beginning of humanity and initially, it was a profession passed from mother to daughter whereas now it has become a true profession needing much speciality. She expressed that the first tutor and trainer in mother and baby care are midwives; as well as being the first person to medically examine and provide care of the mother and baby.

Head Nurse Türkan Şahin: “Midwifery is considered as the backbone of Health Care Services”.
Head Nurse Türkan Şahin stated that midwifery profession dates back to the beginning of humanity and initially, it was passed from mother to daughter and nowadays, it has become an indispensable profession in the society with its mission to protect and raise family health around the world by becoming the backbone of health services.

Head Nurse Türkan Şahin: “Midwives are the first tutor and trainer of Mother and Baby Care”.
According to International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), midwifery is a profession that takes care of the woman before and after childbirth. Additionally, a midwife is the person who provides training on mother and child care; and in fact, the person who first examines the mother and the child. Furthermore, Türkan Şahin stated that trainings of midwives constitute the basic parameters of health services; such that they increase the live birth rate, decrease maternal and infant mortality rates, conduct vaccination and immunization studies healthy and decrease the sexually transmitted diseases. Also, midwives contribute to the formation of healthy generations by educating them and by taking part with the families before and after the birth.

Head Nurse Türkan Şahin: “Midwives play an important role in providing training and counselling services in family planning”.
Head Nurse Türkan Şahin asserted that the midwives observed the pregnancy and identify risky situations, follow the process of childbirth and monitor the child-mother health. Moreover, she said that midwives also provided training and counselling on pregnancy, birth and family planning. She ended her words by congratulating Midwives Week, which is on April 21-28, the invisible heroes who have the power to change a family’s world via a birth.