The 11th issue of “Near Health Magazine” of Near East University Hospital published
Date Added: 21 October 2019, 22:47
Last Updated Date:18 November 2020, 10:58

Near East University Hospital has published the eleventh issue of the Near Health Magazine, which provides the latest information, treatment methods and experiences on all areas of health services, which are the most essential and indispensable needs of life.

According to the information provided by the Near East University Directorate of Press and Public Relations, the magazine aims to share the latest innovations in the medical world with its readers and is published free of charge in both Turkish and English semi-annually and contains many important and current issues in the field of health in its eleventh issue.

Attention called for early diagnosis of breast cancer...
In the 11th issue of the magazine, due to the fact that October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, attention was drawn to breast cancer, which is the most common type of cancer that women suffer, and information on early diagnosis, screening, fighting the disease and breast health were included.

All About HIV / AIDS and Prostate…
The prostate diseases, a part of the male genital system, the magazine drew attention to the prostate enlargement, information about prostate cancer and prostate diseases in the recent years, and extensive information about the technologies of treatment were shared with the reader. In addition, the magazine contains information about AIDS and HIV virus, and recently developed treatment options and the latest situation the AIDS patients' life expectancy has reached.

New Pregnancy Methods and Important Issues about Newborn...
For couples who cannot have children naturally, Vaccination Therapy is discussed in the journal and information about vaccination treatment, egg development, suitable and inappropriate individuals for vaccination treatment and the rules that should be considered in vaccination method was given. Routine examinations and controls that should be done during pregnancy, birth, maternal and infant health monitoring and Hepatitis C during pregnancy are also discussed. The magazine also includes topics related to newborn development. Stem cell therapy obtained from primary teeth and primary teeth and hip dysplasia in newborns were also discussed.

Health Information was shared with readers in many areas…
In the magazine, health recommendations were provided for the readers on subjects such as Kidney Stones in Urology, Balance and Vertigo in Ear, Nose Throat ”,“ Winter Depression in Clinical Psycholgy", "Anger Control”, "Vaccine Guide for Diabetes Patients in Internal Diseases”, "Pneumonia", “ Hepatitis B and Vaccines”, “Osteoporosis”, “Hives”, “Cholesterol Drugs in Cardiology“, "Aspirin Use ”, “Electronic Cigarettes in Chest Diseases", "Sleep Suggestions in Pregnancy" and "Callus Treatments".

Professor Dr. Yenen: “We will present the most complex treatments with the most modern methods"
Near East University Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Müfit Cemal Yenen stating that he took over the duties of the former Chief Physician Dr. Sevim Erkmen who retired after carrying out her duties as the chief physician of the Near East Hospital for nine years, said that they will continue to work with devotion to announce the latest information and innovations in the field of health to their patients.

In the 11th issue of the NearHealth Magazine, Prof. Dr. Yenen stated that they try to convey current information to readers in a wide spectrum in different fields. Prof. Dr. Yenen stated that in this issue and in the next issues of the magazine the patients will find extensive information on cancer awareness, cancer screening and the opportunities they offer to patients.

"Our biggest vision is to detect and eliminate cancer before it appears… "
Prof. Dr. Yenen said, “Increasing the cancer awareness in Northern Cyprus, diagnosing cancer before the emergence of the disease in the preinvasive period, and carrying out all the treatments from the simplest to the most complicated in our country is one of the most important visions of the Near East University. As the Near East University Hospital, although we have the experience and advanced equipment to perform all kinds of cancer treatments with different modalities at every stage of the disease with our esteemed physicians, our main goal as all health workers is to diagnose and eliminate cancer before it appears in our patients.

"Prof. Dr. Günsel: "We are working for the transformation of health consciousness into a cultural element in society… ”
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Near East University Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel stated that they are proud to present the 11th issue of Near East Health Journal to our esteemed readers.

Prof. Dr. Günsel stating that the Near East University Hospital is moving towards the 10th anniversary of its establishment, pointed out that the hospital is providing extensive health services with 41 departments, 144 doctors, 113 contracted institutions and four health centers by using the most advanced equipment and the latest technologies.

Prof. Dr. Günsel, “We are proud to see that the Near East University Hospital has turned into a story of success with its infrastructure at international standards, its advanced laboratories, medical imaging and diagnostic centers, fully equipped operating rooms, intensive care units, academic staff and specialist staff in the fields of cardiovascular surgery, brain and nerve surgery, cancer treatment center, obesity surgery, eye diseases, as well as with the latest technology in diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, not only in Cyprus, but also in the region.

Prof. Dr. Günsel emphasized that, as they have started to publish the Near Health Magazine with a scope to turn the awareness in health into one of the basic cultural elements, they are continuing to work with the contents of the Near Health Magazine in every issue to bring health awareness one step up in society. Prof. Dr. Günsel also mentioned the innovations of the Near East University Hospital.

Heart Transplantation Center was launched…
Prof. Dr. Günsel said: "We have licensed our Heart Transplantation Center, which was established in accordance with all international standards and requirements, to perform a heart transplant. Thus, in addition to the artificial heart transplantation performed frequently in our hospital, heart transplantations can be performed for heart failure patients if appropriate donors are found. After the Near East University Hospital, the country's second largest and most advanced hospital is Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia University Hospital. We have been continuing to serve our cancer patients in coordination with Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia University Hospital. As a result of our cooperation with the cancer patients, the Ministry of Health and the Association for the Help of Cancer Patients, the chemotherapy treatment currently being carried out free of charge in our hospital is also provided free of charge at the Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia University Hospital.”

Professor Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel, at the end of his words, said that, with the perspective of continuous transformation and progress, they will come up with a special content in the next issue of the Near Health Magazine special to the 10th anniversary of the Near East University.