Stopping the brain blood circulation and cooling the body to temperature 17 °C, three delicate heart surgeries were performed on aortic arch simultaneously
Date Added: 06 September 2017, 12:14
Last Updated Date:20 November 2020, 11:51

The patient, who was diagnosed with aortic dissection at the Near East university Hospital, underwent a successful surgery. Since the cerebral protection is the cornerstone of successful aortic arch surgery, the cardiovascular surgery team put the patient into a carefully managed clinical death state by stopping blood circulation and brain function and cooling the patient's body temperature to 17°C. The patient's health was restored after three successful operations on aortic arch that lasted 12 hours.

53 year-old Turkish Cypriot Soner Keskin, who is a London resident, was referred to the Near East University Hospital Emergency Center upon his calling the 153 Emergency Call Center with complaints of severe pain in the chest and back. Having been examined and evaluated by cardiology and cardiovascular teams, the patient's condition was considered very serious because of clouding of consciousness and irregular vital findings. Having been diagnosed with aortic dissection, the patient was immediately admitted to the cardiovascular intensive care unit.

Aortic valve was repaired, bypass surgery performed, the dissected aorta was reconstructed with artificial vein.

Since aortic dissection is a medical emergency requiring immediate treatment, the vital signs of the patient were taken under control and the patient was prepared for a surgery in the shortest time possible. The patient was placed on cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB). A portion of the circulating blood supply was removed and stored for later replacement.

During the surgery the tear in the upper aorta (ascending aorta) which extended into the right coronary artery (artery that supply blood to the right ventricle) and consequently an aortic valve leakage was detected. The cardiovascular team removed as much of the dissected aorta as possible and reconstructed the aorta with artificial vein, the aortic valve which was leaking as a result of damaged aorta was repaired and a bypass surgery was performed for the right coronary artery.

Patient's brain blood circulation was stopped; his body temperature was cooled down to 17°C

During the surgery, Total Circulation Arrest surgical technique, which is a form of carefully managed clinical death, was used to cool the patient's body temperature to 17°C, and to stop blood circulation and brain function for up to 20 minutes for organ and cerebral protection. Within this time, the aorta was reconstructed and the blood portion that removed and stored by a special pump was given back to the patient. So that excessive blood usage was avoided. Afterwards the patient's body temperature was raised to normal and blood circulation was resumed.

The operation, which lasted 12 hours, was performed by a team consisting of 20 medical staff including 3 cardiovascular surgeons and 2 anesthesiologists

Following the 12 hour-lasted operation that performed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barçın Özcem and Asst. Prof. Dr. Özlem Balcıoğlu under the helm of the Cardiovascular Surgeon Prof. Dr. İlhan Sanisoğlu, the Head of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department, the patient was taken to the intensive care unit of the cardiovascular surgery. The patient emerged from anesthesia within four hours without any problem and was moved to regular service of the cardiovascular surgery two days after having his breathing tube removed. The patient was discharged as his heart was performing well without any sign of complication.

Prof. Dr. Ilhan Sanisoğlu, the Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department, the mortality rates recorded during the surgery or post-surgery procedures at the Near East University Hospital are much lower than world's data.

Prof. Dr. Ilhan Sanisoğlu, the Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department, stated that they had a strong team and high technological equipment required for urgent intervention in all emergency operations in the field of cardiovascular surgery. Underlining that the mortality rates recorded during the surgery or post-surgery procedures at the Near East University Hospital are much lower than world's data, Prof Dr. Sanisoğlu highlights that aortic dissection surgery is performed by only experienced teams and rare centers across the world and the Near East University Hospital is one of these centers.