Solo Exhibition titled “Games of Consciousness” consisting of 20 Artworks of Kazakh Artists Alisher Zhurgenov and Nina Tereschenko’s Solo Exhibition titled “Three Colors” consisting of 19 Artworks opened by Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports, and Güzelyurt MP Menteş Gündüz
Date Added: 09 March 2020, 14:58
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 14:28

Kazakhstan artists Alisher Zhurgenov's solo exhibition titled "Consciousness Games" and consisting of 20 artworks, Nina Tereschenko's solo exhibition titled "Three colors", and Valentina Mukhacheva's 5 artworks, all exclusively made for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, were opened by the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Güzelyurt Deputy, Menteş Gündüz.

According to the information given by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of the Near East University, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports, and Güzelyurt Deputy Menteş Gündüz, Founding Rector of Near East University Dr. Suat İ.Günsel, Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ, institute directors, deans, artists and guests attended to the opening ceremony of the exhibitions.

At the exhibition, Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ, Kazakh artists Alisher Zhurgenov and Nina Terechshenko and Güzelyurt MP Menteş Gündüz delivered speeches.

Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ referring to Mandela, one of the most important names of blacks' struggle for freedom and one of the best thinkers in the world, reminded the question asked to Mandela and answer of Mandela given to question; "What was it like to suffer for years?" - "I did not suffer. I learned the importance of living the day and not thinking too much about tomorrow.”

Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ; “Overestimating an unknown future or worrying about the past will make us lose today.”
Prof. Dr. Şanlıdağ; "Can man always build a different future by living in his past? The moment we are living in at the moment is very short-lived, and overestimating or worrying about an unknown future leads us to lose today. It is only possible to live happily ever after. Because what we shall have tomorrows. We are together at the opening of the exhibitions where Nina Terechshenko's solo exhibition titled “Three Colors”, Alisher Zhurgenov's “Consciousness Games” and Valentina Mukhacheva's paintings will be exhibited. All the artworks have been exclusively made for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts. The motto of the Kazakh artist Nina Terechshenko: pure color and pure thoughts through love, value the past, do not look to the future. Live and work as well as possible during your life, here and now. Kazakhstan artist Alisher Zhurgenov says, "I am a witness of the present," in her exhibition today." In this respect, Dogdurbek Nurgaziev Award, which is given to young promising artists in memory of Kyrgyzstan state artist Dogdurbek Nurgaziev, was given to Alisher Zhurgenov, and Silver Key Honor Award was given to Nina Terechshenko. I kindly take this opportunity to congratulate both of our artists, and I would like to remind P. Coelho's words “When a person comes to the age to reach the handle of the door, then he learns to go, too”. I wish you a good time and express my deepest gratitude.

Alisher Zhurgenov: “Thank you to the architect of this amazing project for giving us the opportunity to share our experiences with the world.”
In his speech Alisher Zhurgenov said: “I am pleased to see you all at the opening of my personal exhibition. Today is the day I will share my work with you. I found new friends, met new views, learned new techniques in forty days, and I believe that this has been a very important experience for me. Therefore, I would like to thank the architect of this magnificent project, Dr Suat Günsel for creating the opportunity to share our ideas, life experiences and feelings with the world. In addition, I would like to thank all my friends, colleagues and everyone who was with me and supported.”

Nina Terechshenko: “I can only get the freedom of creativity here and I believe that Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts will become a museum famous worldwide"
Nina Terechshenko said:
“Today, I open my personal exhibition called "Three Colours" in this hall.
I am in Cyprus for the second time but I always work with new enthusiasm because I only feel the freedom of creativity here. Also, Dr. I would like to express my special gratitude to Suat Günsel for inviting my daughter, Russian artist Valentina Muhacheva. We worked with my daughter, but I am leaving and I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with her again in Cyprus. I would like to thank the entire Near East family for this opportunity to forget about our daily problems, to stay away from them and to do what we love to do. I believe that the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts will be famous worldwide. Dr. Suat Günsel is doing everything necessary and we, as artists, are happy to provide you with all kinds of support. Once again I would like to emphasise that we are proud and happy to be a part of this project with my daughter.”

Menteş Gündüz: “If we do not leave our work to the future as, we will not be able to direct the future.”
Deputy Prime Minister, Former Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports, Güzelyurt member of Parliament Menteş Gündüz began his speech by congratulating the International Women’s Day.

He said: “Women are always a part of our lives. We thought that one of our artists was working on reality, but after getting to know the artists here, he turned towards drawing different things and he got a lot of help from Dr Suat Günsel. I just read his explanations that he can actually go even further. Another artist, who was influenced by the books she read, chose to put it on the canvas and made the right choice because she says that you can live the day without breaking the past but without considering the future. It is true, but I believe that if we do not leave them as a work from the past to the future, I am giving very serious messages that we cannot direct the future. I would like to thank and thank all these artists for their contribution and for their contribution.”

Awards were presented and the ribbon cutting ceremony was held
Subsequent to the speech made by Deputy Prime Minister, Former Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports, Güzelyurt member of Parliament Menteş Gündüz, The certificate of appreciation to Kazakh artists Valentina Mukhacheva presented Alisher Zhurgenov with the "DOGDURBEK NURGAZİEV" award given to the young artists promising to commemorate Kyrgyzstan State Artist Dogdurbek Nurgaziev and the Silver Key Honor Award to Nina Terechshenko.
Then, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held. It was pointed out that the exhibition was available to visit until 16th March 2020 during 08:00-16:00 on weekdays at the exhibition hall of the Near East University İrfan Günsel Congress Centre.