Shooting of the movie “Dr. Dilara” is beginning very soon

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Added On: 23 November 2015, Monday, 14:34
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Shooting of the movie “Dr. Dilara” is beginning very soon

The shooting of the movie “Dr. Dilara” which is the project of the Near East University Faculty of Communication begins very soon.

Tamer Garip, the scenarist, director and producer of the movie “Code Name Venus”, is coming up with a new film called Dr. Dilara. He stated that the preparations for film shooting were being carried out studiously by the scenario and shooting crew and they would give a start to shootings on November 21.

“By the movie “Code Name Venus”, I have set a foot towards enlightening the uncovered events by offering an insight into mysterious history of Cyprus experienced between 1955 and 1974. As in the movie Code Name Venus, the movie Dr. Dilara will shed light on the events that experienced between 1974 and 2015 in Cyprus. It saddens me deeply that the history of Cyprus is not known accurately. I don’t make movies just to transmit my personal views and messages” said Mr. Garip.

Underlining that the females were exposed social oppression and they weren’t given enough opportunity to take part in decision-making mechanisms equally, Mr. Garip stated that he gave the leading role to a woman in his both films in order to draw attention to the crucial role of women in society. The film features many scenes of adventure and mystery. It will be a movie to address those who are curious about the true history and culture of Cyprus.

Shooting of the movie “Dr. Dilara” is beginning very soon

NEU aims to equip the students with professional experience in the field of cinema

By producing movies like Code Name Venus and Dr. Dilara, NEU aims to equip the students with professional experience in the field of the cinema. Touching upon the success of the Code Name Venus, the first film produced by NEU Faculty of Communication, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gökçe Keçeçi, the Art Director of Dr. Dilara and the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Communication, stated that the movie Dr. Dilara, the second film to be shot soon, would provide students opportunity to strengthen their theoretical knowledge through practical training by taking part actively in the movie and in all stages of the filmmaking process including behind the scenes. “By offering such vast practical training opportunities, NEU Faculty of Communication has undertaken a significant role as a leading model” said he.

Tamer Garip, the screen writer and director of the movie stated that the Image Director Pieter Verburg along with the Sound Assistant Joris Geurts from the Netherlands would come to Cyprus soon and they would give a start to film shooting on November 21. He added that the film shooting would last a period of 60 days.

Garip: “Dr. Dilara features a mother living upright and honorable in Cyprus hard conditions”

Touching upon a very significant issue regarding the mass graves found in Cyprus, Mr. Garip reminded that women were buried in mass graves with their children. “Dr. Dilara is based on the true events regarding the mysterious history of Cyprus and it features the fight of a woman academician who decided to explore the mass graves in Cyprus that is approached as a taboo by everyone. Shortly, I turn the story of a mother living upright and honorable in the conditions of Cyprus into a movie” said he.

Emre Karahasan, one of the scenarists of the movie, stated that their work continued intensely almost every day and they were about to finalize the preparation process. “We expect to participate in Cannes Film Festival for the second time with the movie Dr. Dilara” said he.

Ruhsay Ankay: “Dr. Dilara is an important step”

Ruhsan Ankay, the leading actress of the movie, stated that she had a very busy life as she was continuously taking roles in plays and going tours since she was an actress working at Istanbul State Theatres. “For the first time, I am going to work with a professional director and his team. I am very happy” said she.

Ambitious film crew

Apart from the leading role, 200 bit-players and students will take part in every stage of the filmmaking process. Starting on November 21, the film shootings are expected to be completed on January 20 within 60-day shooting schedule.