Registrations are ongoing for the Placement Exam of Near East University Department of Art Teaching
Date Added: 10 July 2018, 11:19
Last Updated Date:20 November 2020, 14:00

The Department of Art Teaching of Atatürk Faculty of Education, which is the leading hub of art teaching across the country, is dedicated to raising teachers equipped with comprehensive information and skills required to be a leading figure in ensuring quality in art both at national and international platforms. Placement exam registrations are currently ongoing.

Candidates willing to study at the Department of Art Teaching of Atatürk Faculty of Education are required to pre-register for the Placement Exam to be held on 11th of September 2018.

Venues where Candidates can have their registrations

  • Depending on their location, candidates with TR citizenship can have preregistration either at the NEU Representative Offices in Turkey or at NEU Registrar's Office

  • Candidates with TRNC citizenship can have preregistration at NEU Registrar's Office in TRNC (Tel: (0392) 223 64 64).

The Date and Place of the Placement Exam:

  • The Placement Exam will be held at the Art Teaching Workshop of Atatürk Faculty of Education located on the 3rd floor of the Education Palace (Eğitim Sarayı) at 10:00 Tuesday morning on the 11th of September, 2018.

The exam consists of three sessions:

  • Design drawing

  • Imaginary Design

  • Interview

Materials required to sit for the exam:

  • 2 sheets of 50x70 drawing paper

  • Pencil and eraser

  • Exam entry document

  • Brief CV