Opening and White Coat Ceremony for the Academic Term of 2019-2020 of Faculty of Medicine of Near East University has been realised
Date Added: 09 October 2019, 10:28
Last Updated Date:18 November 2020, 11:22

It was announced that the opening and white coat ceremony for the academic term of 2019-2020 of Near East University Faculty of Medicine has been realised at NEU Atatürk Culture and Congress Centre with high participation and in a rather exhilarating atmosphere.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar's Spouse Sibel Tatar, Vice Rector of Near East University Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ, Dean of Faculty of Faculty Prof. Dr. Gamze Mocan, Chief Physician of Near East University Prof. Dr. Müfit Cemal Yenen, Head of Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of Memorial Şişli Hospital Prof. Dr. Bingür Sönmez, Head of Managing Board of Near East University Mehmet Soykurt, Head of Departments and Academicians of Near East University, students and guests attended the ceremony.

The ceremony commenced with a minute’s silence’ followed by the national anthem. Then, academic members of the Near East University Department of Music Teaching İlyas Abdullin and Gözdem İlkay put on a musical performance which was highly liked. Subsequently, opening speeches were made and the white coat wearing ceremony was realised. After the ceremony, Head of Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of Memorial Şişli Hospital Prof. Dr. Bingür Sönmez gave the first lecture titled as “War technologies behind medicine”.

Prof. Dr. Mocan: "Honoured and well-deserved, Near East University Faculty of Medicine is now included among the List of World Medical Faculties”
Making the opening speech of the ceremony, Founding Dean of Faculty of Medicine of Near East University, Prof. Dr. Gamze Mocan, expressed that the Near East University Faculty of Medicine offered education in both Turkish and English as the languages of instruction. She added that well-deserved and honouring consequence Near East University faculty of Medicine was now included among the World Faculties of Medicine.

Prof. Dr. Gamze Mocan: “The main purpose of the Near East University Faculty of Medicine to train highly qualified medical doctors who have internalised Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions, equipped with the ability to solve problems faced, knowledgeable, adequate, honest, who adhere to both medical and universal ethical values, believes that learning is life-long and aims to serve humanity, respectful, insightful and responsible towards their patients, rational, creative, and who are questioning, researching and free thinking.”

Addressing the 1st Term students and families of the academic year of 2019-2020, Prof. Dr. Mocan said: “Your children are our children. You have raised them. As for us, we will guide them to gain a profession and develop world views and horizons. We will train physicians who will serve our health, our most valuable asset, and distribute healing to patients.”

Prof. Dr. Gamze Mocan said that the first lecture was given by Head of Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of Memorial Şişli Hospital Prof. Dr. Bingür Sönmez, who is a world-renown figure, titled as “War Technologies Behind Medicine”. She emphasised her belief that many physicians, who are dedicated to human health, devoted, honest, dedicated to human health, who adopted the great Medical People as idols in medical school, were to be riased.”

Prof. Dr. Şanlıdağ: "With the 4th generation university model, we have aimed to be among the first best 500 universities in the world!”
On the other hand, during his speech, Vice Rector of Near East University Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ expressed that with the 4th generation university which the Near East University has adopted, all scientific data collected via academic studies, R & D activities for the benefit of the society. Furthermore, he stated that since the date of foundation, Near East University is progressing on its path to becoming a global information centre. He said, in fact as a university which is determined to be among the first best 500 universities of the world, it is continuing its academic and innovative studies. Prof. Dr. Şanlıdağ said: “Near East University is moving steadily towards a common goal with its 20 Faculties, 6 Institutes, 33 Research and application centres, 104 research and application laboratories, numerous research projects, 1200 scientific international publications, 2 Nobel prize winner, 2 TÜBİTAK science awards, 7 of 100 leading Turkish scientists, and more than 1000 academicians.

We provide services to all segments of society in education and health…
Prof. Dr. Şanlıdağ added that they provided services for ages 2-102 via University of Kyrenia, “Refreshment University for Ages 60+”, and Cyprus’s first and only children’s university “Özay Günsel Children’s University”. In accordance with the single health concept, there was no distinction between human, environment and animal health and thus Near East University Hospital, Dentistry Hospital and Animal Hospital offered health services at world standards. He pointed out that they have reached 5 in the number of hospitals which provides health services to those in need.

An Indestructible, Strong Bridge, an `Art Bridge` Extending from Asia to the Mediterranean is being founded…
He stated that “art” is the most important element that establishes civilizations and enables cultures to flourish. In this regard, Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ said that they were building an indestructible, solid bridge, “ART BRIDGE”, from Asia to the Mediterranean. He said that within the last 8 months, hundreds of artists have created nearly 13 thousand works for the Museum of Modern Arts.

Addressing the families of the students of the Near East University Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Şanlıdağ indicated that the profession of medicine is one of the most difficult and deepest knowledgeable professions in the world. Moreover, he said that a physician had to receive training to diagnose and treat people's illnesses and to show him/her how to live healthily not to become ill. Furthermore, he said that a physician must never drift away from the awareness that the patient before him is “human”. Therefore, a physician must be a person who has the intellectual and intellectual equipment to achieve a significant improvement in both his own life and the quality of life of his patients. He ended his words by wishing the new education period to bring the students health, success and much happiness.

Emotional Moments were lived…
Subsequent to the opening speeches, Founding Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Gamze Mocan, assisted the first-year students to say the students’ oath. Then, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar’s spouse Sibel Tatar and, Dean and academicians dressed the students with white coats.

It was said that pride and happiness filled the atmosphere and everyone experienced moments full of emotion as the ceremony ended.