Online Short Film Making Talk from Near East University Faculty of Communication
Date Added: 20 May 2020, 14:56
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 11:27

In order to keep the motivation and efficiency of students attending classes online due to the Covid-19 pandemic high, Near East University Faculty of Communication, Cartoon and Animation Department and Radio Television and Cinema Department held an online 'Short Film Making Talk'.

The event, which was moderated by Near East University Faculty Member Assist. Prof. Dr. Dilan Çiftçi and Assist. Prof. Dr. Peling Agocuk, was attended by Fatih Yılmaz, a former graduate of Near East University Faculty of Communication, who received awards in various film festivals abroad with his short films. Working actively in the film and TV series industry in Istanbul, Fatih Yılmaz shared his experiences with the students. In the event, where the factors that should be considered during the short film production were discussed, the short films of the director Fatih Yılmaz, which were ranked at the film festivals, were also screened. Answering students' questions at the online event, Yılmaz also provided information about the movie and TV series industry. Yılmaz emphasized the importance of reading books in order to develop and produce the creativity of students, stating that the biggest ideas emerged under impossible and difficult conditions.