Nigerian twins, who preferred the TRNC for their university education, graduated from the Communication and Law faculties of the Near East University as top graduates

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Added On: 21 July 2022, Thursday, 22:47
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Nigerian twins, who preferred the TRNC for their university education, graduated from the Communication and Law faculties of the Near East University as top graduates

Graduating from a good university is one of the most important expectations for many young people who dream of a good future. Just like Miracle Gosioha Chizaram and Divine Gosioha Chiamaka, who came to the Near East University for their education from Aba, one of the small towns of Nigeria.

The Nigerian twins, who came to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus four years ago, received their diplomas this year. Miracle Gosioha Chizaram graduated from the Near East University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism, as the top graduate of the faculty. Her twin sister, Divine Gosioha Chiamaka, showed the same success in the International Law Department of the Near East University Faculty of Law.

The twins, who also gave a speech on behalf of all international students who graduated from their faculties, now want to take one more step towards their future dreams by pursuing their master’s and doctorate degrees.

My father sent us off to Northern Cyprus with crutches in his hands.
Saying that the most important motivation for their academic success is their family’s sacrifices, Miracle Gosioha Chizaram mentioned about her life before university and said, “Before coming to Near East University in 2018, we used to live in a small town in Nigeria, Aba. My father used to retail and wholesale agricultural chemicals. At home, he seldom stayed longer than two weeks. He had to work constantly and travel by road constantly to support our lives and save money for our future.”

Miracle Gosioha Chizaram, who said that she and her sister have dreams in different fields even though they are twins, said, “I always wanted to study journalism at a reputable university. My sister wanted to study law.” Stating that with the suggestion of a family friend, they found out the Northern Cyprus and the Near East University. “Our family friend said that Northern Cyprus and Near East University are great places to realize our goals. We reviewed it on our own and decided it was a great option, so we applied, got accepted, and started studying law and journalism, respectively.”

Miracle Gosioha Chizaram said, “Shortly before I applied to study at the Near East University, my only supporter, my father, had a tragically fatal car accident,” said Miracle Gosioha Chizaram. His legs were broken and he could not work. Still, his pain and wounds did not stop him. He sent us off with crutches at the airport to further our education in Northern Cyprus, and that’s how we came here four years ago.”

We embraced our education as if it were “life or death”
Recalling that people made fun of their father’s efforts to educate them abroad, Divine Gosioha Chiamaka said, “They made fun of my father by saying that he wasted the little money he had to educate ‘daughters’. Most of the people around us thought we wouldn’t mean anything and that my father’s efforts and investments would be in vain.” Gosioha Chiamaka said with pride, “For this reason, my twin and I took our education seriously, as if it were a “life or death”. We have never forgotten our past, the pains and sacrifices that have brought us to this point. We studied hard to be successful. We did it to refute the skeptics, to validate our own vision, and to make my father proud, and we’re having a celebration today.”

We have grown into well-rounded adults who can create a world our children can be proud of.
Now, the Gosioha brothers want to complete their master’s degrees in their fields and take their first steps in their profession. Miracle Gosioha Chizaram aspires to be a successful journalist and TV personality. Divine Gosioha Chiamaka, on the other hand, aspires to become a licensed lawyer in the UK after her master’s degree.

We gained the equipment we needed at Near East University, says Miracle Gosioha Chizaram: “We have had many positive and negative experiences throughout our lives. All of this has made us the people we are today. The last four years we spent at the Near East University tell us; development gave us the chance to learn from our mistakes and to improve. We’ve developed incredible relations, fresh perspectives, values ​​and ideals, and been inspired to go beyond our wildest expectations. Admittedly, we have gained a lot of academic value. I gained significant experience in my field in Near East TV. We have grown into well-rounded adults who can make meaningful contributions to society and create a world that our children and our generation can be proud of.”