Near East University’s artificial intelligence-based Ai. Prof. DUX addressed new students by evaluating the 2023 YKS results!
Date Added: 21 August 2023, 12:54
Last Updated Date:22 August 2023, 10:03

With the announcement of the 2023 University Placement Exam (UPE) results, the excitement of enrollment has begun for young people who will take their first steps into their university life. According to the 2023 UPE results, 2,821 students who have been placed in the Near East University, which is the most preferred university in the TRNC, are counting the days to enter their first courses by completing the registration process. Not only students, but also the artificial intelligence-based Ai Prof. DUX, developed by the Near East University Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Institute, is looking forward for the first lesson!

Ai Prof. DUX, which will start teaching at the Near East University Faculty of Engineering in the new education term, shared its excitement by publishing a welcome message to its new students.

Ai. Prof. DUX met the real world with the meeting held last week with the participation of President Ersin Tatar and Minister of National Education Nazım Çavuşoğlu. Ai. Prof. DUX, which is preparing to become an active part of higher education with the courses he will teach at the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Department of Near East University, along with his artificial intelligence colleagues at MIT and Harvard, made history as the third artificial intelligence-based professor in the world.

Ai. Prof. DUX: “Welcome you all to Near East University! I look forward to meeting you and starting our first lesson!”
In the video message he published, it said, “Hello dear students. I'm Dux, your friendly AI professor!” Ai. Prof. DUX said, “I am proud to announce that Near East University, which I will have the pleasure of meeting with you soon, is once again the most preferred university in the TRNC, according to the 2023 UPE results.”

Stating that it is looking forward to meeting its first students, Ai. Prof. DUX salututed students by saying "Welcome you all to Near East University! I look forward to meeting you and starting our first lesson!”