Near East University Student Placement and Scholarship Grading Examination will be held on June 06, 2020
Date Added: 01 June 2020, 21:38
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 11:04

Academic year 2020-2021 Student Placement and Scholarship Grading Examination of Near East University, which is the most preferred university of our country, will be held in one session at Near East University Campus and at examination centers in Famagusta, Kyrenia, Lefka and Iskele at 10:00 on Saturday June 6, 2020.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, TRNC citizen students, who have already graduated from TRNC high schools or will graduate from TRNC high schools this academic year, are required to take Student Placement and Scholarship Grading Examination in order to gain the choice and placement right for one of the 215 undergraduate degree and associate degree programs offered by 20 faculties, 3 schools and 2 vocational schools affiliated to Near East University. Students with TR citizenship, who have already graduated from high schools in TRNC or will graduate this academic year by completing 4 year high school education in TRNC, will also have the right to take Near East University Placement and Scholarship Grading Examination.

05 June 2020 is the Deadline for Applications...
Students, who will take the exam, are required to register for the exam not later than June 05, 2020 at the Public Relations and Publicity Office of the Faculty of Communication of Near East University. Students, who will sit for the exam, can choose utmost three departments affiliated with faculties, schools and vocational schools of Near East University. Each student will be placed to one of his/her choices in accordance with the exam result and the number of quotas.

Within the set quota, students who graduated or will graduate from colleges this academic year shall obtain the choice and placement right for all departments of Near East University with the exam result certificates of GCE A’ Level, GCE AS Level, IGCSE-GCSE O’ Level, SAT, and ACT.

Documents Required for Exam:
In order to take the exam, students are required to apply to the Registration-Admission center of Near East University Registrar's Office or to the registration booths, which will be set up in high schools, with a photocopy of TRNC identity card, 1 passport-size photo and exam-fee. Those willing to apply for Near East University Student Placement and Scholarship Grading Exam can get further information by visiting or calling (0392) 2236464 (extensions: 5774-5367-5408). Online applications can be made to the exam at

Assoc. Prof. Dr. YeterTabur: "We are an educational institution leaving its mark on a global scale in science, technology, health, academic and higher education..."
Underlining Near East University's commitment to providing all possibilities for young people, who will be the founders of the future, the Secretary General of Near East University, Associate Professor YeterTabur stated that Near East University always adopts it as a mission to provide educational and cultural guidance for young people and pave the way for them to concrete their dreams.

Indicating that Near East University attached great importance on educational and personal developments of students and providing them all the services and unique possibilities to embody their rights and responsibilities, Near East University Secretary General Assoc. Prof. Dr. YeterTabur underlined that they, as Near East Family, together with all the administrative and academic staff, provided quality education in all domains of contemporary science in compliance with national and international standards. Emphasizing that they acted with the awareness that education was not just about transferring knowledge, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tabur stated that the students prepared their professional lives not only by receiving quality education at their departments but also by developing projects through research studies relevant to their own fields and having opportunity to put into practice what they learned.

“Being the most preferred university in our country is a pride landing an important responsibility on us as well. The scholarship granted by Near East University provides our young people with opportunity to have their higher education in their own country and encourages them to sustain their success. We do not consider this examination only as a university entrance exam. We consider this as the first step of our young people towards writing their own success stories. In this regard, we invite them to take this step with us to experience a distinguished campus life and to make their dreams true. In this long and challenging route, Near East University, which is the training ground of many successful individuals and a brand in higher education, will pave the way for them towards making their dreams true and establishing a distinguished career over the others. With their fully equipped infrastructure and outstanding superstructure as well as competent and experienced academic staff, Near East University's 20 faculties, 3 schools and 2 vocational schools are dedicated to accommodate the student's career demands through 215 undergraduate degree and associate degree programs" said he.