Near East University “Science Awards” found their owners…

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Added On: 05 March 2021, Friday, 08:36
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Near East University “Science Awards” found their owners…

The “Science Awards” given annually to the academicians of Near East University, who stand out with their scientific research and publications, found their owners. The awards, given for the fifth time this year, were given to winners by Vice Rectors Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Tüzünkan and Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ.

Within the scope of the Science Awards, 117 researchers and lecturers were awarded in five categories: “Young Researcher Award”, “Young Researcher Encouragement Award”, “Publication Award”, “Publication Honor Award” and “Best Performing Faculties”.

Publication Honorary Award goes to Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Gökçekuş
Dean of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Gökçekuş received the “Publication Honorary Award” while in the “Young Researcher Encouragement Award” category, Nazife Sultanoğlu, a research assistant in the field of health sciences, received the award. Dr. Berna Uzun received the Young Researcher Encouragement Award in the field of physical sciences while in the field of educational sciences Dr. Yücehan Yücesoy and in the field of social sciences Dr. Asra Babayiğit received the same award.

As a result of the academic evaluations made by the Near East University Rectorate in 2019, the top three faculties have also received awards. In this context, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Bülent Bilgehan, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Songül Vaizoğlu and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal Özkul was presented with an award.

Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ: “We will continue to make significant contributions to science at the international level…”
During the presentation of the awards, Near East University Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ congratulated the lecturers who carried out research and received awards for their outstanding achievements during the pandemic period.

Stating that as Near East University, they offer researchers the most suitable conditions for research, Prof. Dr. Şanlıdağ said, “As Near East University, the number of researches and publications we carry out in line with scientific requirements, scientific methods and scientific ethics is increasing every year. As the number increases, the quality of the content of the publications and their place in the international arena are also increasing. In 2020, 1,222 scientific articles were published in journals scanned in Web of Science and Scopus. We congratulate all our lecturers who produce publications by working with their determination and dedication to produce during the pandemic period.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Tüzünkan: “I congratulate our faculty members who have brought us to the top in the production of scientific articles in the international field…”
Near East University Vice-Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Tüzünkan congratulated the lecturers who were awarded the Near East University Science Award.

Stating that one of the indispensable features of Near East University is research and publication, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Tüzünkan said, “In 2020, the number of articles per faculty member exceeded 2. We congratulate all our faculty members for this success.”

“We are happy and proud…”
The faculty members who received the Near East University “Science Awards” also expressed their happiness. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Gökçekuş stated that they will continue scientific production in cooperation with more than one field with a multidisciplinary approach and expressed that they are proud and excited about the success they have achieved. Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal Özkul expressed his happiness at the appreciation of the scientific production they have made as a faculty. Prof. Dr. Songül Vaizoğlu emphasized that they will continue their research with the principle of producing science for the benefit of society.

Research assistant Nazife Sultanoğlu, Dr. Berna Uzun, Dr. Yücehan Yücesoy and Dr. Asra Babayiğit who were deemed worthy of an award in the category of “Young Researcher Encouragement Award”, on the other hand, said that they received great support for their research studies from Near East University and emphasized that their achievements were a source of great pride for them.