Near East University has assured the Semi-Final…Near East University: 88 – Abdullah Gül University: 53…

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Added On: 22 February 2018, Thursday, 14:24
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Near East University has assured the Semi-Final…Near East University: 88 – Abdullah Gül University: 53…

Near East University Women’s basketball Team competed against Abdullah Gül University at the opening match of the PTT Women’s Basketball Turkish Cup and won with a score difference of NEU 88- Abdullah Gül University 53. It was pointed out that as the semi-final match, the Near East University Women’s Basketball Team will be competing against BOTAŞ-Çukurova on Friday, 23rd February, 2018.

According to the press release issued by the Sports Club of Near East University, the match between NEU and Abdullah Gül University was held Mardin artuklu New Sports Hall and the NEU women’s basketball team consisted of Kayla McBride, Courtney Vandersloot, Kuanitra Hollingsvorth, Bahar Çağlar and Elin Eldebrink. The periods were completed with scores as 21-6, 39-25, 58-43 and 88-53. The most valuable player of the match was selected as NEU athlete Cansu Köksal who scored 18 points. Furthermore, it was stated that the NEU team had dominated the game with the rebounds, assists and all the athletes who played at the match scored points such that;  Bahar Çağlar 12 points; 10 rebounds whereas Quanitra Hollignsvorth 9 points.

In addition to the above, it was stated that the match had began with centre jump of Quanitra Hollignsvorth and Gizem Sezer, then NEU made a head start with 3 points ahead of the opposing team with the points scored by Elin Eldebrink, as 3-0. From the free throws, Abdullah Gül University scored 14-2. Later, the NEU team continued to score more points with its athletes Bahar Çağlar, Olcay Çakır Turgut, and Elin Eldebrink. Towards the last minute of the period, NEU achieved to make the score difference of 17 points, with a total score of 21-4. 21-6 Then the NEU completed the second period against Abdullah Gül University with a score as 21-8.

During the first five minutes of the second period, NEU reached 31-15. However, since the NEU team filled its fault limit, Abdullah Gül University began to close the score difference with free throws; making the score 33-20.

At the first five minutes of the third period, the score reached 52-33 and NEU kept its defence rhythm quite high. Abdullah Gül University then made the score 58- 43; with NEU still being ahead.

Moreover, during the first two minutes of the final period, Cansu Köksal subsequently scored two 3 point baskets, making the score as 79-50. Finally, the Near East University Women’s Basketball team increased the score difference to 30 points; winning a triumph with a final score as 88-53.

Highlights of the match …
From the Near East University Team: Cansu Köksal 18 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists; Kayla McBride 17 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists; Jantel Lavender 13 points, 8 rebounds; Bahar Çağlar 12 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists; Elin Eldebrink 11 points, 4 assists; Courtney Vandersloot 8 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists; Quanitra Hollingsvorth 4 points, 9 rebounds; Olcay Çakır Turgut 3 points; and Gökçe Doğan 2 points.

From Abdullah Gül University Team: Maja Milkovic 17 points, 3 rebounds; Gabriela Marginean 13 points, 4 rebounds; Melis Gülcan 9 points, 3 rebounds, Cansu Aslan 6 points, Ezgi Manlacı 5 points.