Near East University Faculty Member Dr. Ghadir Golkarian’s Book “Iran’s Nuclear Energy Is Peaceful or Military?” on the Iranian Nuclear Crisis Process published
Date Added: 06 August 2018, 08:37
Last Updated Date:20 November 2020, 13:27

Near East University lecturer and political analyst Dr. Ghadir Golkarian's book titled "Iran's Nuclear Energy Is Peaceful or Military?" on Iran's nuclear crisis was published in Germany.

According to the press information given by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of the Near East University, the book deals with the nuclear crisis process in Iran and analyzes the critical issues with a chronological approach. In this book, the author analyzed the causes of the crisis, the commitments of the parties to the agreement, the military activities of Iran as well as the peaceful nature of the nuclear activity, and in various parts of the book analyzes the history of Iran's nuclear activities.

The newly published book is regarded to contribute to the Middle East policy and the politicians, strategists and academicians.

Iran's nuclear energy work continues to be a topic of debate both at regional and international levels. Dr. Ghadir Golkarian said: "The nuclear deal, which took place between June 5th 2012 between the P5 + 1 countries, shows that the crisis continues as a hot topic even today. Unilateral withdrawal from the agreement by the United States in May 2018, and putting sanctions against Iran into force, but not the EU, China and Russia, is still on the agenda setting"

The Book Analyzes Critical Issues from points of Parties with a Chronological Approach to Iran's Nuclear Crisis Process ...
Describing the Iranian nuclear crisis as the result of the diplomatic crises in world politics since 2000, Prof. Dr Gokarian says "On the one hand, Iran has been advocating the use of nuclear energy under the supervision of the international nuclear agency as a legitimate right under the NPT protocol, while on the other side the United States and its supporters with the EU have taken Iran under a hard embargo, as well as practicing the UN sanctions against Iran. However, with the JCPOA agreement between P5 + 1 and Iran in June 2015, the political crisis had come to an end. The agreement has shown the dialogue and resolution of problems in the world politics and the superiority of the win-win policy ".