Near East University 1st Creative Ideas Competition Awards were presented…
Date Added: 20 July 2019, 10:00
Last Updated Date:18 November 2020, 14:32

Near East University organised a “Creative Ideas Competition” for the first time in order to provide an opportunity and to support creative ideas which will contribute to societal values to be brought to light and to contribute to the realization of sustainable social change models that produce social benefits. It was announced that recently, the result of the competition was revealed.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, there was a high number of participance to the competition via projects and these were evaluated by the Competition Jury and resultantly, two projects were chosen worthy to be awarded.

The award-winning projects are as follows: The Anatomy Project of Prof. Dr. Mehtap Tiryakioğlu from the Faculty of Medicine of Near East University; EKO meat and milk production project using green flag of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilek Arsoy form Faculty of Veterinary.

Project on Examination of Anatomical Structures of Organs…
Prof. Dr. Mehtap Tiryakioğlu presented her idea on the creation of learning rooms which will revolutionize anatomy education involving the examination of important structures regarding internal world of organs with 3D structures and animations. The project will support the education of medical and dental students through visual perception, while the visitors will have an amazing trip through the organs of our body.

Assuring the consumption of natural meat and milk…
Academic member of NEU Faculty of Veterinary, Assoc Prof Dr. Dilek Arsoy won second runner up award for her project in which she suggested the implementation of the green flag application that would enable the consumer to buy the product by seeing the EKO milk/meat stamp. The project, which is thought to be a solution for natural meat and milk consumption by providing safe and controlled food, will enable consumers to purchase monitored, audited and certified products.

The Awards were presented…
The winners of the competition were awarded at the award ceremony which was held in Hall 101 of the Near East University Hospital. It was pointed out that NEU Vice Rectors, Faculty Deans, lecturers, committee members of the “Creative Ideas Competition” and contest participants were present at the award ceremony.

Prof. Dr. Özgören: “Extreme ideas will be reality in the future…”
Making a speech at the award presentation ceremony, Technological Consultant of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Near East University, Prof. Dr. Murat Özgören, provided details regarding the emergence of the idea of competition, its aims and future plans.

Prof. Dr. Özgören stated that they organised the creative ideas competition so as to encourage individuals to produce original, ground-breaking, intellectual, shocking, creative ideas in those who can think creatively and enabling them to use their higher-level thinking skills effectively.

In addition to the above, Prof. Dr. Özgören pointed out that organising a creative ideas competition was initially put forward by Vice Rector of Near East University, Assoc Prof Dr Mustafa Kurt in order to provide an opportunity for; abstract ideas to be released, the ability to think, to pave the way for people to express these ideas freely.

Prof. Dr. Özgören stated that after the discussion and consideration of the feasibility of the idea, they prioritised the surprising, flow modifying, initiator of a new process features of the idea. He said: “We intend to improve the competition in order to make every idea sprout and move forward at an international platform. Starting from the Near East University, we plan to organize fun events in which all ideas are freely expressed, colourful, and then throughout the Cyprus, then in the Eastern Mediterranean region and globally. We want to eliminate learned hopelessness to reveal initiative ideas. There are those who are planning a hundred-year spacecraft cruise. It might sound absurd, but it is not impossible. We are in an interesting period with many ideas. Exploring the continents not the space. As we try to explore space, the introduction of bacteria in the intestine, which we don't know, is related to Alzheimer's, and many new areas that we don't know all cause interesting ideas to be put forward. Today's ideas that seem to be extreme will be a reality in the future!”

“We would like to encourage creative ideas to be put forward…”
Making a short speech, Vice Rector of Near East University Assoc Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt stated that science emerges through the relationship between concrete-abstract and that everything began with the abstract thought. Furthermore, he expressed that pure creativity can be developed, and added that they wanted to encourage everyone to open up by telling them how creative their ideas are. Moreover, Assoc Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt stressed that there was a potential for this both within the university and the society and that they wished to bring this potential to light. He ended his words by pointing out that through cooperation with Near East University Technology Initiative (NERİTA), they will be holding another competition the following year.

Original ideas were awarded …
Subsequent to the speeches, the award-winning projects of the 1st Creative Ideas Competition were revealed. The second runner up project was selected as the project presented by Assoc Prof Dr. Dilek Arsoy from Faculty of Veterinary, the first runner up was chosen as the project put forward by Prof. Dr. Mehtap Tiryakioğlu from Faculty of Medicine. The award to be given to the winners was decided to be a weekend stay at Mimoza Hotel by the Board of Trustees. It was pointed out that the award presentation ceremony ended after participants of the competition were given their certificates of participation.