Lifelong Health and Medical Training Certification Programs Offered by Near East University Begins in September…
Date Added: 28 August 2018, 12:56
Last Updated Date:20 November 2020, 13:11

Within the Academic Year of 2018-2019, Near East University Lifelong Education Center (YABEM) and Faculty of Medicine will organize short term certification programs for health personnel, medical students and related participants.

The Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University released that the courses, which would be implemented by academicians and experts of the university, would cover topics that differ from each other. The short term course programs, which will be held at Near East University Faculty of Medicine, begins in September and covers training courses of different disciplines and domains such as first aid training, toxicology training, trauma resistance training, basic life support training, advanced cardiovascular life support training, sexually transmitted infections, tobacco control and smoking addiction treatment, thorax anatomy training, head and neck anatomy training.

YABEM Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Koldaş: "We Have Rolled up Our Sleeves to Bring Our Outstanding Short Term Training Programs with Our Health Professionals, Practitioners, Students and Related Participants"
Touching upon the importance of serving out the scientific accumulation and experiences in the field of health like those in other fields through short-term training programs, Associate Professor Umut Koldaş highlighted that they were committed to continuing to offer many significant short term programs devoted to practice-oriented lifelong education. "We have rolled up our sleeves to offer health and medical training short-term programs for students, health professionals and generally for individuals who want to raise their awareness level and update their knowledge regarding the field that they involved in. These significant short-term programs that designed and prepared by the valuable faculty members and specialists from our university hospital and Faculty of Medicine within the frame of practice-oriented lifelong education have two facets. While one facet aims at contributing to the personal and professional development of health personnel and health personnel candidates, the other facet generally aims at providing our people with information on important health issues and raises the awareness. We believe that these programs, which aim to transfer the knowledge and experience of the health education institutions and the health facilities affiliated to the Near East University in the light of the scientific methods, will provide very important contributions to the participants that involved in different areas of health. We believe that these programs, which will be run by our valuable practitioners and trainers providing health services in our health institutions and facilities, will provide our participants with a distinguished benefit as each of our staff in charge for training will not only provide scientific training but will also convey their professional experiences to them” said he.

Those, who want to register in Lifelong Health and Medical Training Certification Program , which will begin in September 2018, or other short term training programs, can get more detailed information from web page, [email protected] e-mail address, Near East Institute Facebook page, 223 64 64 (extension 5532) and 0533 829 97 36 phone numbers.