KITREB Chairperson Mr. Nidai: Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and Cyprus Car Museum should be taken as a Model

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KITREB Chairperson Mr. Nidai: Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and Cyprus Car Museum should be taken as a Model

The Union of Turkish Cypriot Guides (KITREB) visited the Near East University and made observations at the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and the Cyprus Car Museum.

According to the info released by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, the Union of Turkish Cypriot Guides visited the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and Cyprus Car Museum located in the Museums Zone on Near East University Campus. NEU Hospital Board Member Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Savaşan, NEU Coordinator Görkem Bulunç and Cyprus Car Museum Director Ulus Candan accompanied the visiting delegation and provided them with detailed information regarding the facilities.

Museology stands out as an Alternative Tourism Type…
Touching upon the significant role of alternative tourism types in adding value to the country, NEU Hospital Board Member Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Savaşan underlined that alternative tourism as an emerging industry had had significant economic impacts on countries. “Museums, which are important components of cultural tourism, are emerging as alternative tourism destinations both in our country and all around the world. Museology has experienced significant developments particularly in recent years. As requirement of the era, modern museums have emerged with a new understanding, new vision and mission, management system, novel technologies to enhance the functioning and marketing techniques. Near East University is deeply bound up with these lands and very committed to adding value to this country. In this regard and in line with the Founding Rector Dr. Suat Günsel’s initiative and prospective vision, Near East University has brought Cyprus car Museum and Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts into life to bring forward the rich cultural, historical and artistic values alongside with sustainable alternative tourism types and to increase tourism revenues by making North Cyprus a country of choice for all tourism types” noted he.

Dynamic and Living Museums attract interest rather than Marginal Museums…
Touching upon the importance of remaining relevant to contemporary museum concept while upholding a mission to preserve human culture for posterity, Mr. Savaşan stated that today’s museums had shifted their focus away from object-oriented approach towards visitor-oriented approach. “In our era, museums are not just places where artworks are preserved and exhibited, they are also places where museum-goers can get information, experience and learn. Today’s modern museums also have a crucial role in contributing to tourism and providing economic income as well as to socio-cultural change and education of people of all age. In this respect, today’s museums have become dynamic and living museums which are learning centers rather than dead museums which just preserve and exhibit artworks. Through available and accessible alternative tourism, especially through culture tourism,

Near East University continues to provide opportunities for North Cyprus to take its well-deserved place in the world by creating alternative tourism destinations such as modern and visitor-oriented museums” said he.

We adopt Visitor-Oriented Approach at Our Museums…
Underlining that the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and Cyprus Car Museum, to which Günsel’s Family had given life, provided services in line with visitor-oriented approach, Mr. Savaşan expressed his views: “As a venue where thoughts and emotions come to life, both museums reflect all contemporary aspects of museology. What important in tourism is to attract interest through appropriate tourism models and policies and create added value within the country. In this regard, both museums present a precious product to the country’s economy” said he.

KITREB Chairperson Mr. Nidai: Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and Cyprus Car Museum should be taken as a Model

Cyprus Car Museum Collection has exceeded 150…
Underlining that Cyprus Car Museum was the only car museum displaying classic and sports car across the country, Mr. Savaşan delivered further information about the museum. “The museum showcases a blend of rare classic and sports car exceeding 150 in number and attracts great interest of the antique car enthusiasts and collectors as well as tourists visiting our country. The museum with its rich collection of rare classic cars including the first models of world brands such as Mercedes, Ford, Ferrari and BMW makes it possible for the visitors to feel as if they were in a time tunnel watching the voyage of these brand cars from the time they launched to the present day. The museum houses not only the rare cars that produced first across the globe and remained our days as unique examples of their kinds but also many legendary vintage sports cars. Among these legendary cars, 1899 model Crest Mobile, which is the only sample of its brand in the world, 1903 model Wolseley, 1909 model Buick, 1949 model Jaguar XK120, which exceeded 300 km per hour for the first time, Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, which is the final variation to wear the Murciélago nameplate, and Dodge Viper SRT10 Final Edition are in the limelight” noted he.

There is a need to take joint action with the sector…
Stating that the visit to Near East University’s museums was realized within the frame of the constant training of the guides affiliated to the Union of Turkish Cypriot Guides, KITREB Chairman Yusuf Nidai drew attention to the growing demand for museology tourism. “The demand for modern museums is in a growing trend across the globe. The number of visitors of some museums is much more even than the total number of tourists visiting some countries. There is a need to take joint action with the sector to determine a more effective and powerful promotion and marketing strategy to make the museums in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus world brand” said he.

KITREB Chairperson Mr. Nidai: Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and Cyprus Car Museum should be taken as a Model

Our Museums have remained away from change…
Underlining that the number of museums in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus wasn’t very satisfactory despite the fact that there were many valuable works in the storehouse belonging to Ancient Arts Office, Mr. Nidai stated that the museums in North Cyprus had remained away from altering into an interactive and entertaining cultural center.

It was remained far away from the Contemporary Museum Concept…
“Financial shortcomings and legal conflicts and insufficiency in using technology and tools of mass media, make it very challenging for the museums in TRNC to compete with museums in other countries. The museums are not places just for preserving and exhibiting historical, artistic and cultural values. The museums contribute to social development; they are a learning place as well. Besides, museums are alternative tourism venues that contribute to economy. When we take all these aspects into consideration, it is the most important issue in terms of sustainable museum tourism to develop modern museology model of North Cyprus and make plans accordingly. Therefore, it will be an appropriate policy to take the museums established within the body of Near East University as model in order to develop museums and museum tourism in our country, to be able to compete with museums in other countries. Such a contemporary museum approach will constitute alternative tourism venues and contribute to our country’s economy” said he.

Near East University creates added-value…
Highlighting that Near East University had made sacrifices to contribute to the country by investing in all domains of life including museology, Mr. Nidai stated that NEU’s investments created added value for the country. In his final remarks, Mr. Nidai extended his appreciations mainly to the Founding Rector Dr. Suat Günsel and Near East Family in recognition of their contributions to culture tourism and their kind support for the training and activities of KITREB.

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