IVSA Cyprus was established under the leadership of Near East University Students…

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IVSA Cyprus was established under the leadership of Near East University Students…

Near East University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine students Kaan Kaşıkçı and Melissa Aksaç represented our country at the 38th International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) symposium held in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, leading Cyprus to become a member of IVSA.

At the symposium, students who successfully represented our country with their presentations about Near East University and Cyprus, made their application for IVSA (International Veterinary Students Association) membership, and were voted on by the member countries of the union.

IVSA Cyprus was established…
Melisa Aksaç was elected as the president of IVSA Cyprus, which was established after the acceptance of the membership application. Kaan Kaşıkçı took the responsibility of IVSA Cyprus student exchange program. Kaşıkçı will also be responsible for IVSA Europe’s social media accounts and European member communication. Among the founding members of IVSA Cyprus; Atasel Petin, Kağan Erdim, Taha Akyol, Erinç Faraçoğlu, Adem Ulugün, Beril Banoğlu, Ekin Topkaya, Coşku Atılganoğlu, İpek Karakuş take place.

IVSA Cyprus was established under the leadership of Near East University Students…

They won the right to vote on behalf of Cyprus
In the 68th IVSA Symposium, Kaan Kaşıkçı and Melissa Aksaç, who attracted attention with their presentation on Cyprus culture as part of the culture night, exchanged information with hundreds of students from other countries. Kaşıkçı and Aksaç participated in all general assembly meetings in the symposium and obtained the right to vote on behalf of Cyprus in the next congress and symposium.

IVSA, the International Veterinary Students Association, is a non-profit organization founded in 1953 by volunteer veterinary students. The organization aims to gain favor for animals and humans around the world by using the skills, training and knowledge of international veterinary students. IVSA organizes annual meetings, congresses and symposiums, bringing together more than 30 thousand students worldwide.

Prof. Dr. Dudu Özkum Yavuz: “This success is a great pride for our country and our university…”
Near East University Dean of Students Prof. Dr. Dudu Özkum Yavuz congratulated Melissa Aksaç and Kaan Kaşıkçı for their pioneering role in making our country a member of an important international union. Prof. Dr. Yavuz added that she believes that the students will continue to successfully represent Near East University and TRNC on international platforms.