İrfan Günsel Congress Center comes into service on November 15
Date Added: 11 November 2017, 08:31
Last Updated Date:20 November 2020, 10:34

Near East University's new Congress Center to seat 1000 persons will be ready to come into service on November 15

Along with the new 10 floor building of Faculty of Health Sciences of Near East University, of which opening ceremony will be realized on November 15, İrfan Günsel Congress Center with1000 people capacity will also come into service on November 15.

It was stated that Irfan Günsel Congress Center, which houses 4 conference halls and 10 meeting rooms with different size and functionality to seat a total of 1000 people for any kind of meeting or activity, would also come into service on November 15, 2017.

After Atatürk Culture and Congress Center, Irfan Günsel Congress Center, which will host national and international meetings, panels and conferences, will be the second comprehensive center in the body of Near East University.

With its broad presentation possibilities and comfortable ambiance, Irfan Günsel Congress Center, which will serve as a modern educational-training institution, will be an ideal alternative addressing the needs for conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops.

The latest technological systems will be utilized...

Internet connection, projections, smart board system, state-of-the-art light and lighting system, simultaneous translation systems and audio video services will be offered simultaneously in all halls of İrfan Günsel Congress Center which amasses the latest technological systems within its body.

A variety of graphics and animations can be presented on the screen in the halls during the organization. In addition, all halls in Irfan Günsel Congress Center have acoustic properties and will be managed by central automation system.

Irfan Günsel Congress Center, designed with comfort and human security in mind, is equipped with central heating-cooling system and will serve without compromising hygienic rules and conditions to welcome its guests in the most comfortable way.

İrfan Günsel Congress Center will shed light on the country's science....

The panels, seminars, plenaries and meetings that will be held at İrfan Günsel Congress Center with participation of field experts, scholars and scientists from distinctive institutions from different geographies will contribute to the field of contemporary science education as well as to the development of universal science.

While bringing the world of science to our door with the activities to be organized, meetings to be held on the issues regarding science, technology, medicine, health, education, social sciences and other fields will bring in new gains, perspective and ideas to the world of science.

In addition, Irfan Günsel Congress Center, which will conduce towards establishing a network of university-community cooperation, will open doors to the universal and contemporary development which is the requirement of today's globalizing world.