International Environment and Educational Sciences Conference-ICES 2017, completed with 38 scientific research of Near East University
Date Added: 27 October 2017, 08:34
Last Updated Date:20 November 2020, 11:33

International Environment and Educational Sciences Conference organized under the auspices of the Presidency of TRNC Parliament - ICES 2017 held at Kyrenia Vuni Palace Hotel.

According to the press information given by the Near East University Directorate of Press and Public Relations, the conference started with the opening speeches of Mrs. Sibel Siber, President of the TRNC Parliament, Mr. Fikri Ataoğlu, Minister of Tourism and Environment and Assist. Prof. Dr. Mert Baştaş, member of Near East Institute and lasted 3 days. During the conference, 114 presentations, 22 poster presentations and video presentations were realized. It was stated in the press info that Prof.Dr. Buket Akkoyunlu from Çankaya University attracted attention with her presentation titled "Informatics Literacy Mobile Communication", Balkans Environmental Association Co-Chair Prof.Dr. Mariana Golumbeanu attracted attention with her presentation titled "European-Black Sea Environmental Cooperation" and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kapila Liyanage from the University of Derby also attracted attention with his presentatin titled "Sustainable Business and New applications in Manufacturing Engineering".

Many Scientific works of the Near East University has been published in SSCI / SCI Magazines

In ICES 2017, the Near East University took place with 38 scientific studies, many of which were selected by the editorial boards and published in the journals scanned within SSCI / SCI and linked to Thomson & Reueters.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mert Baştaş; "There is no embargo in front of science and it is not possible to be"

Delivering a speech on behalf of the Organization Committee of the conference, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mert Beştaş stated that, in addition to discussing the education and environmental problems in the TRNC, the conference provided the academicians with opportunities to produce permanent works in international terms. In addition to this, the studies presented here have already established a scientific ground and can be transformed from theory into practice within the scope of the projects supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Çukurova agency, as well as the European Union Rural Area Development Grant Projects that will be opened.

Baştaş emphasized that since 2017, scientific productivity, projects, academic publications, books and international recognition and all kinds of activities that will increase our visibility serve for the interests of our country at the same time, and there is no embargo in front of science and it is not possible for barriers to resist against science.