Intense interest in Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts from Levent Primary School Students
Date Added: 04 February 2019, 22:56
Last Updated Date:19 November 2020, 14:45

Along with their teacher in charge, Arts Club Students of Levent Primary School visited the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts that located in the Museums Zone, opposite Cyprus Car Museum, on the Near East University Campus.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, Şerife Arkan, one of the guides of the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts welcomed the students and provided them with information about the museum and the artworks that exhibited at the museum.

Expressing that he was graduated from the Department of Graphic and Design of Near East University, Özkan Darbaz, the art teacher and graphic designer accompanying the students, stated that he worked as an art teacher at Levent Primary School and carried out various activities with curious students engaged in the Arts Club under the roof of Levent Primary School.

This Museum exploits its potential as a learning place where children can witness art and artworks and learn while having fun...
Underlining the crucial role of arts museums as well as arts exhibitions in fostering children who have interest in arts and art profession, Özkan Darbaz stated that the Arts Club of Levent Primary School adopted it as a mission to provide opportunity for the 4th and 5th grade students, particularly for the ones having interest in arts, to learn and get an idea about distinct artistic branches and art techniques through organized visits to such museums and exhibitions.

"Considering the intense interest of these children in arts, we have been in an effort to train them and encourage them to realize their great potential. We want them to make a move with concrete steps towards the future in the direction of arts.

There are scarcely any art centers, art workshops and museums across our island. We hope, Near East University's efforts and investments in the field of arts will be a doorway for other institutions and organizations. Near East University has covered a long way in artistic activities by launching arts centers and museums. This is really commendable. Along with Fatma Madalı, one of our primary school teachers, we organized such an event for Art Club students and we visited the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts located within

Near East University Campus. The overriding aim of this visit is to provide opportunity for our students to see the artworks and get an idea about arts, artworks, art techniques and art branches while having fun" said he.

Highlighting that Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts had covered up a major shortcoming of the TRNC, Darbaz said that the art club students and the teachers enjoyed the visit a lot.