Intelligent and Autonomous Systems are being brought to life
Date Added: 21 August 2018, 12:21
Last Updated Date:20 November 2020, 13:18

Architects from Near East University have developed an autonomous vehicle software.
Near East University Faculty of Engineering Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Centre Engineers, Murat Arslan, Şenol Korkmaz and Idoko John Bush, have developed autonomous vehicle software in a simulated environment.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, the engineers have modelled a part of the university and developed a software in a simulated environment, then succeeded to drive the unmanned-car around campus by obeying traffic rules. In addition to placing 2 cameras, 1 lidar sensor, and 12 ultrasonic sensors on the vehicle, the engineers also developed a parallel parking software for the vehicle.

It was stated that the engineers obtained images from the two cameras on the vehicle, and used image processing techniques and calculated pedestrians, other vehicles in the traffic, traffic lights and traffic signs and directed the speed of the vehicle and the angle of the steering wheel. Furthermore, they added artificial intelligence to their software which they used to navigate the car previously recorded and the engineers are now seeking alternative routes by working on algorithms. Moreover, it was expressed that the engineers were planning to use the developed autonomous software to navigate a vehicle in the real world.

Real driving experiences will be made with the autonomous software…
It was pointed out that the NEU engineers had tested the autonomous software in car racing computer games and proudly stated that the software was more successful than a human driver; the engineers reemphasised that the autonomous software will replace human drivers and therefore prevent accidents and reduce fatal incidents.

The Near East University Faculty of Engineering Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Centre Engineers further added that they will be preparing an environment almost as the real environment and try out the autonomous software on a remote-controlled car.

The Multimedia System will be controlled by hand movements and voice command…
Providing further details, it was explained that the engineers developed a system where the camera inside vehicle monitored the driver and that if the driver fell asleep, the air-conditioner would start off and warn the driver. Currently only the BMW’s newest models had a multimedia system operated by hand and by voice commands and a similar software was developed which enabled the NEU engineers to manage the vehicle. One of the NEU engineers, Murat Arslan, explained that previously he had designed the electrical system of Günsel prototype 1 and pointed out that all functions of a car can be managed successfully by voice command.