Innovative Technologists reviewed at Near East University

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Innovative Technologists reviewed at Near East University

A seminar on “Innovative Technologies” was held at the Near East University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Computer Informatics Department and Computer Information Systems Research and Technology Center (BESATEM) affiliated to Center of Excellence.

According to the information given by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of the Near East University, Prof. Dr. Nadire Çavuş, Lisani Denizler and Aytaç Çerkez participated as speakers at the seminar.

The first speech at the seminar was delivered by Prof. Dr. Nadire Çavuş, the head of the Department of Computer Informatics and the Director of Computer Information Systems Research and Technology Center (BESATEM).

Professor Dr. Nadire Çavuş; “In today’s digitalizing processes, the paper waist has been significantly reduced…”
Prof. Dr. Nadire Çavuş emphasized that various evolvements have been realized through generations and that the rapid development of technology nowadays significantly affects human life. Underlining that all the individuals in the Information Societies must feel the impact of new technologies and adapt to new technologies, Prof. Dr. Çavuş noted that today’s digitalizing processes are costing considerably from paper waste.

Innovative Technologists reviewed at Near East University

E-Government and E-Signature Related Software must be developed and used …
Prof. Dr. Nadire Çavuş stated that the problems of e-signature, e-passport, e-receipt, e-government, e-passport and e-receipt can be fulfilled by specifying e-signature laws and completing related software and emphasized that it must be presented urgently to the use of people.

Official Usage of E-Signature Applications has begun in Northern Cyprus
Lisani Deniz, Director of Denizler Information Services Ltd., emphasized in his speech that e-signing is vital for the formation of e-government and said that e-signature is one of the most important reasons why the e-government structure cannot literally work in Northern Cyprus. Deniz stated that in order to use e-signatures, it is necessary, firstly, to prepare and approve the necessary laws to have electronic certificate service provider and to provide software support to the public. For this reason, he stated that, the necessary legislation was approved by TRNC Parliament in Northern Cyprus but the electronic signature application could not be implemented due to lack of Electronic Certificate Service Provider. However, this year Denizler Bilişim Hizmetleri Ltd. is already in the position of Electronic Certificate Service Provider and they are the founding partner of e-signature CYPRUS, thus making official use of e-signature applications in Northern Cyprus as well.

Cüneyt Cerkez; “Those who will work in the information sector need to constantly renew themselves …”
Head of Digital Transformation Platform Founders Cuneyt Cerkez mentioned in his speech about the history of the world’s digital conversion informed assessment of the situation in Cyprus and Turkey by the students.

Emphasizing the importance of the information sector, Çerkez emphasized how lucky the graduates of the Department of Information Technology are, but at the same time, there is a lot of work to be done at the same time. He emphasized that technology is rapidly developing and will continue to develop and that those working in the information sector must constantly renew themselves.

At the end of the seminar, Head of Computer Informatics Department and Director of Computer Information Systems Research and Technology Center (BESATEM), Prof. Dr. Nadire Çavuş, presented the plaque on behalf of Near East University and expressed her sincere thanks.

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