Hyperrealist Silicone Sculptures of Mustafa Çoronik, Aynalı, Boyacı Rauf, Ahmet Becerikli and Mehmetaliler Music Group Members to be exhibited at the Walled City Museum in February 2021
Date Added: 23 December 2020, 14:37
Last Updated Date:22 January 2021, 11:35

The colorful figures symbolizing the Turkish Cypriot Culture will live in the Walled City Museum with their hyperrealist silicone sculptures. The Walled City region is home to a great cultural treasure not only with its historical buildings but also with its special people symbolizing Nicosia and Cyprus culture. As a city museum that lives and keeps alive, the Walled City Museum is preparing to make an important contribution to the culture of Cyprus by immortalizing the unforgettable colorful faces of the Walled City region with hyperrealist silicone sculptures.

Among the colorful figures of Walled City, whose sculptures will be made in the first stage are Mustafa Çoronik, Aynalı, Boyacı Rauf, Ahmet Becerikli and Mehmetaliler Music Group members Mehmed Ali Tatlıyay, Ahmet Nadide, Hüseyin Cahit, Ahmet Altıparmak. It is of special importance that these names, who have made great contributions to the city culture, will be immortalized for the first time with the art of sculpture.

At the Sculpture Workshop of Near East University, hyperrealist silicone sculptures of Nicosia's historical figures started to be built. The silicon sculptures are expected to be completed by February 2021 and take their places in the Walled City Museum.

The colorful faces of the Walled City, whose sculptures are to be made, left their mark in the minds of the Turkish Cypriots, especially in Nicosia, with their various stories. For example, Ahmet Becerikli, one of the most important figures in the music world, from his first appearance on the stage in 1966 until his death in 1980, was referred to as the "Art Sun of Cyprus". Mehmetalis, on the other hand, marked the music of the period they lived, especially as the symbolic names of Turkish Cypriot weddings.

Mustafa Çoronik came to the fore with his bickering with Dr. Fazıl Küçük. Aynalı, on the other hand, was the biggest representative of an important tradition in Cyprus, with his folk poetry and intercession. Boyacı Rauf (Painter Rauf), who is among the names to be sculpted, was always spending his time in Sarayönü Square, standing out almost like the guard of the Square. The common feature of the names to be made hyperrealist silicone sculptures is that they take place in the memories of the people of Nicosia with precious memories and stories.

Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal Özkul: "We want to keep these valuable personalities alive in the City Museum, bring them together with young generations and ensure that they stay with us forever."
Head of Museums Department Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal Özkul said that they want to bring these names, who are among the important symbols of the Cypriot culture, into life at the Walled City Museum, and bring them together with the younger generations and keep them alive forever. Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal Özkul said, "We want to ensure that the people who left their mark on the socio-cultural life of Nicosia will remain in the future not only with their stories but also with their realistic sculptures.

Stating that written information will be more permanent when depicted with images, Prof. Dr. Özkul said, “Our aim is to build a bridge between the past and the future by protecting our people who accept these lands as their homeland and struggle with many difficulties to exist. Because we have no purpose other than taking root in these land.”

Emphasizing that with the hyperrealist silicon sculptures to be made, the Walled City Museum will further increase the richness of the existing works. Prof. Dr. Özkul said, "The Walled City Museum will continue to develop by adding new artifacts to its inventory day by day."