First project of NEU 3D presented in Turkey
Date Added: 17 November 2015, 21:59
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 09:24

The first project completed by NEU 3D Laboratories Team which started its activities and studies under the Experimental Health Sciences Research Centre of Near East University was presented at the 33. National Pediatric Surgery Congress held in Antalya.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Emil Mammadov, who presented the study titled "Using 3D Printing Method in Pediatric Surgery: First Impressions", spoke to the Press and Public Relations Directorate of NEU and pointed out that they have received very positive feedbacks at the time of presentation and after the presentation.

Emil Mammadov said, "3D prints have got access into the health sector quite late, however, this was quite a fast access. Thus, we believe that our country also must take up the necessary steps to keep up with the developments of the world medical sector. We are grateful to our university for its endless support in this issue. NEU 3D which started with a project, turned into a comprehensive laboratory and now it is actively conducting three different studies in with various departments. The results of these studies which are conducted on various health fields will be shared with the scientific world in near future. Besides, our doors are open to the end for scientist and researchers who are willing to conduct studies with us."

Assist. Prof. Dr. Emil Mammadov also stated that those who would like to obtain further information about the subject can contact from [email protected]