Feel, Live, Have Fun…. Near East University brings the Society together with Classical Arts via “Art Tremors”
Date Added: 12 October 2019, 22:49
Last Updated Date:18 November 2020, 11:18

Near East University, which established the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts with the aim of integrating society with art, conveying artistic creativity to the masses and sharing cultural identity with the international art environment, continues to offer a multifaceted program to her students and Turkish Cypriot Community with projects focusing on different fields of art.

Within this scope, Near East University is launching activities under the title of “Art Tremors" on the campus in order to endear classical arts to the society.

The Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University released that different events regarding classical arts would be organized on NEU campus each month under the name of "Art Tremors" aiming at adding color, vividness and quality to lives of individuals and encouraging them to participate in artistic and cultural activities and organizations to be held within the scope of the event.

At least One Art Event Every Month…
Within the scope of the "Art Tremors" project, which aims to promote and endear the branches of classical art to the society and to ensure its dissemination, different activities covering classical art branches such as music, ballet, dance and theater, will be organized on the university campus every month.

"Art Tremors" project, which stands out as a multifaceted organization, with its versatile activities covering panels, workshops, film screenings, recitals and concerts aims not only to foster the students to spare time for art but also to provide opportunity for the society to involve in an artistic and cultural environment that reflects all forms of classical art.

Feel the Music, Love Art…
Within the scope of "Art Tremors" activities, it is aimed to create new awareness on the subject by approaching the music from a wide window and focusing on the aspects of classical art style that have not been handled much so far within the scope of the different spectrum of world music that has expanded over the years.

In addition to classical and modern jazz, different performance series such as gospel music and blues, instrumental music, folk-country and ethnical music will be presented to music lovers.

Catch the Musical and Theatrical Enthusiasm...
Aside from the usual theatrical works such as comedy and tragedy, different art branches such as opera, musical, ballet and sketch will be presented to art lovers within the scope of Art Tremors, which will include theater performances. The world's famous ballet performances where stories are designed and narrated through music and dance will be presented to the audience as well.

First Event Classical Music Concert…
Art Tremors activities will start with the Classical Music Concert. The concert, which will be performed by internationally known musicians including Turkish Pianist Çağıl Cansu Şanlıdağ, Greek Soprano Vassia Alati and Cellist Natnaia Hoffman from Brussels, will take place at 19: 00 on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at Near East University Atatürk Culture and Congress Center. Entry to the classical music concert will be free of charge.