Exclusively prepared for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, a group exhibition consisting of works of Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Uzbek and Tatar artists and a personal exhibition of Azerbaijani artist Rauf Ismailov were opened by Labor and Social Security Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu
Date Added: 02 December 2019, 08:31
Last Updated Date:18 November 2020, 09:34

The group exhibition, which consists of 10 works of Kazakh artists Dulat Kospanov and Makhsut Ismagulov, 20 works of Uzbek artists Babosinov Sarsenbay, Murad Karabaev and Erkin Aralov, 14 works of Tatar artists Albert Shinibaev and Leila Faizova, and 7 works of Azerbaijani artist Ashraf Geybatov, and a solo painting exhibition consisting of 33 works revealing the extraordinary vision of Azerbaijani artist Rauf İsmailov were opened by Dr. Faiz Sucuoğlu, the Minister of Labor and Social Security.

The Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University released that the opening ceremony of the group exhibition and solo exhibition was realized at Hall 4 of Irfan Günsel Congress Center with the participation of TRNC Labor and Social Security Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu, Near East University Founding Rector Dr. Suat Günsel, Özay Günsel Children's University Rector Prof. Dr. Filiz Meriçli, vice rectors, directors of graduate schools, faculty members, artists and guests.

The opening remarks of the exhibitions were delivered respectively by NEU vice Rector Professor Tamer Şanlıdag, Azerbaijani artist Ashraf Geybatov, Kazakh artist Dulat Kospanov, Uzbek artist Sarsenbay Baybosinov, Tatar artist Rabis Saliakhov, Azerbaijani artist Rauf Ismailov and the Labor and Social Security Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu.

Prof. Dr. Şanlıdağ: "Hundreds of thousands materials have been collected in our museums..."
In his opening remarks, Near East University vice Rector Professor Tamer Şanlıdağ underlined the crucial role of art in adding color, vividness, significance, intensity, depth and meaning to the life.

Highlighting the important role of art and artists in social transformation, Professor Şanlıdağ expressed his views: "Life that fallen apart from wisdom and art is wild, dull, apathetic and aimless. It is the artist who adds vividness to life and makes it attractive. Artists are genuine and epic individuals. For art, they either confine themselves in an attic, or tie themselves to the mast in the middle of a storm, or walk thousands of kilometers. Courage and nobility are at the highest level in artists. They never compromise and have only one motivation; it is to create a significant work that is worthy to do”.

Highlighting that almost 1000 artists from abroad had taken part in Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts project and nearly 20,000 works were produced and exhibited through 195 exhibitions held in the last year, Professor Şanlıdağ stated that a total of 7 museums including Cyprus Museum of Modern arts, which would open its doors on 15 November 2020, would be in service of art lovers on the University Campus. Stating that the number of materials for all the museums that would function on the campus had reached 100,000, Professor Şanlıdağ underlined that the accumulation of this cultural treasure would be witnessed all together.

Underlining that Near East University would persistently continue to work and produce on the axis of education, science, art and innovation in order to achieve her goals, Professor Şanlıdağ released the good news that the first prototypes of GUNSEL brand car, TRNC's first domestic and electric car produced by Near East University, would make debut soon.

Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts will be the cultural center of Turkic civilization…
Ashraf Geybatov, honored painter of Azerbaijan, currently residing in Germany, delivered a speech on behalf of the Azerbaijani artists: "I come from Germany but today I represent the Azerbaijani artists. I am an honorary painter of Azerbaijan, a member of the International Federation for Art - UNESCO, a member of the Union of Russian Artists and a member of the Association of German Artists. My works are exhibited in many countries, the United Nations and Vatican. However, regardless wherever I am, I am a part of the Turkic World".

Describing Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts project as a unique project in the world, Azerbaijani artist Geybatov expressed his views: “Culturally, a unique treasure is being formed on the island of Cyprus. Politically, this cultural treasure that is formed demonstrates the grand history of the Turkic world, unbroken ties and unity. This is the historical remembrance of our peoples. All the artworks that I have seen here have a serious philosophical depth and reflect the spirit, life and epic moments of the Turkic world. In this memorial accumulation mission, Dr. Suat Günsel has a great role and contribution. Dr. Suat Gunsel is a visionary man and a patriot of the Turkic world rather than “art lovers” and “patrons”. I am sure that Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts will become the cultural center of Turkish civilization in time”.

Suat Günsel brings together the history and culture of the Turkish world…
Speaking on behalf of the Kazakh artists, Dulat Kospanov stated that it needed supreme power and devotion to bring together the art, culture, history, traditions and diversity of the Turkic world. "Dr. Suat Günsel with his extraordinary vision and devotion accomplished this arduous mission by bringing Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts into life” noted he.

Addressing the Founding Rector Dr. Suat Günsel, Kazakh artist Kospanov expressed his views: "Dear Dr. Günsel, you are an architect that you follow your own project from the foundation to the last nail. We are endlessly grateful for your providing us with opportunity to meet other artists and work together with them on this beautiful land that is full of hospitability. On our way back to our country, we are taking good memories and your warm hospitability with us".

We are pleased to contribute to Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts…
Speaking on behalf of the Uzbek artists, Sarsenbay Baybosinov stated that they were very happy to be on the territory of Northern Cyprus and to contribute the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts. "We have established new friendships, gained new ideas and experiences, seen and discovered new worlds. I would like to express our eternal gratitude and respect for your providing us opportunity to be here, for your support, hospitality and interest" said he.

Speaking on behalf of Tatar artists, Rabis Saliakhov said that the rapid growth of the Cyprus Museum of Modern Art was amazing and pleasing. "I would like to take this opportunity and extend our appreciations to NEU Founding Rector Dr. Suat Günsel for his cordial hospitability and support. “It’s a bit upsetting that we will rarely find opportunity to visit your beautiful lands. We will experience very few moments like the ones we have experienced here throughout the symposia. However, we hope that this is not our last meeting and will continue. I wish a healthy life, fadeless energy for Dr. Suat Günsel and his family and success for your team" noted he.

"Dr. Suat Günsel fondly created a paradise for artists...
Addressing the participants at the opening ceremony of his solo exhibition, Azerbaijani artist Rauf Ismailov stated that the saying "World can't exist without love" reflected Dr. Suat Günsel. "From the very first moment of our meeting and from his first remarks, I have understood that everything that Dr. Suat Günsel does is grounded on love. And this is wisdom. When I first arrived at Cyprus, I thought it was paradise, however, I still didn't know that it was only a beginning. On behalf of all artists, I would like to extend our appreciations not only for your providing us with opportunity to experience unforgettable moments on this paradise-like land but also for your interest, your hospitability and your professional approach" said he.

Minister Dr. Sucuoğlu: "A historical wealth is being formed..."
Delivering remarks at the opening ceremony of the exhibitions, the Labor and Social Security Minister Dr. Faiz Sucuoğlu stated that the bar of the exhibitions opened within the scope of the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts had gradually risen and that a paradise-like working environment been created for artists on an island like paradise. Stating that Near East University with her facilities and possibilities created a second paradise and offered a great performance center for the artists, Minister Sucuoğlu went on his remarks. "We see that this performance will continue increasingly. Suat Hodja (Founding Rector Dr. Suat Günsel) has been undertaking mission over mission. He has achieved a point beyond art. The togetherness of Turkic Republics and communities that started with art will continue by covering other common values".

Expressing that more ambitious works and masterpieces would be created by the talented Turkic artists in the following periods, Minister Sucuoğlu stated that the largest exhibition in the world created by Turkic artists would be realized under the roof of the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts.

"Having such a museum in our country is of importance. A significant numerical wealth has been achieved. Success goes on in an increasing manner. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the formation of this treasure of art" said he.

Following the certificate of appreciation and award presentation ceremony, the exhibition ribbon was cut...
Following the speeches, the award presentation ceremony was realized. The Labor and Social Security Minister Dr. Sucuoğlu presented certificates of appreciation to Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Uzbek and Tatar artists. Silver Key Honor Award was presented to Azerbaijani Artist Rauf Ismailov for his solo exhibition. The exhibitions will be open to visits at Irfan Günsel Congress Center between 08:00-16:00 hours on weekdays till 06 December 2019.