Doğukan Ulaç and Emre Ersoy compete in Turkish National Team Selections
Date Added: 28 November 2018, 09:33
Last Updated Date:19 November 2020, 16:39

Near East University Athletes Doğukan Ulaç and Emre Ersoy have added to their successes.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, NEU's swimmers broke new TRNC records in Men’s Star and Men’s Youth Republican Cup Championship that organized by Northern Cyprus Water Sports Federation (NCWS). Doğukan Ulaç broke TRNC record in 200m freestyle with 01.53.81 and NEU's 4x50m medley team, in which Doğukan Ulaç took part, set new TRNC record with 01.53.57. NEU's other swimmer, Emre Ersoy set new TRNC 14-15-16 Age Record in 50m backstroke with 00.28.66 and in 100m backstroke with 1.02.56.

It was stated that Near East University athletes Doğukan Ulaç and Emre Ersoy along with their trainer Mehmet Gürcenk are leaving the island on 28th November to participate in “Turkcell Long Course Turkish National Team Selections”, which is held by the Swimming Federation of Turkey in memory of Ümit Saka between the 28th November and the 2nd December 2018. Moreover, it was revealed that Near East University athlete Emre Ersoy will be swimming 100m freestyle on the 2nd day; he will be swimming 50m freestyle on the 3rd day; 100m freestyle on the 4th day and 100 m butterfly on the 5th day of the competitions. On the other hand, Doğukan Ulaç will be swimming 1500 m freestyle on the 1st day; 100 m freestyle on the 2nd day; 200 m and 800 m freestyle on the 4th day;; and on the 5th day he will be swimming 400 m freestyle.

It was stated that before leaving the island Near East University athletes Doğukan Ulaç and Emre Ersoy, who will be representing the Near East University abroad, visited the Head of Near East University Health Culture and Sports Office Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hakan Atamtürk and expressed that their goal was to break new records and to become national team athletes.