Designed by Near East University Hospital physician Dr. Ülvan Özad, MicroNEU was introduced to the science world in Dubai
Date Added: 09 March 2016, 15:37
Last Updated Date:18 December 2020, 13:48

MicroNEU is a device that designed by Dr. Ülvan Özad, one of the physicians of Near East University Hospital, to remove the necessity of using lab animal in vivo training to master the skills needed for microsurgery. Thus, MicroNEU ensures a solution to an issue that gets the reactions of animal lovers.

Designed by Near East University physician Dr. Ülvan Özad, MicroNEU, which is a novel dynamic microsurgery model, was introduced to the science world for the first time at the 11th International Conference on Healthcare and Biological Research that held in Dubai.

MicroNEU puts an end to the use of lab-animals in vivo training for microsurgery
According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, using lab-animals in vivo training and experiments is one of the ethical challenges faced today and it draws the reaction of animal lovers. MicroNEU device provides solution to this issue in the field of microsurgery by allowing training without using living experimental animals. Microsurgery is becoming very important in modern surgery. Microsurgery constitutes the basis of many surgical specialties such as neurosurgery, vascular surgery, transplantation surgery and others. However, cost is a factor that limits the access to microsurgical training. In this context, MicroNEU is a cost-efficient device that reduces the price of synthetic microsurgery models approximately 50 times and provides greater opportunity for access to microsurgical training.

Parts of MicroNEU, which provides simulated dynamic movement on tissue, were developed by three-dimensional printers in Near East University Innovation Center 3D laboratory. MicroNEU attracted great interest of scientist that participated in the 11th International Conference on Healthcare and Biological Research that held in Dubai.

MicroNEU Project brought the “Young Researcher Award” to Dr. Ülvan Özad
Among hundreds of candidates from America, Asia, Europe and Australia that participated in the conference with their projects, Conference Committee deemed Dr. Özad’s project worthy for “Young Researcher Award” in recognition of his innovative approach to surgery. Dr. Özad’s article on “A New Novel Dynamic Non-Living Microsurgery Model” will be published in March by internationally peer reviewed academic journal; LIFE International Journal of Health and Life Sciences. MicroNEU has been cited by many scientific articles although it is not published yet.