Cut, slice, whisk, mix, learn… Özay Günsel Children’s University students to work in Fun Kitchen…
Date Added: 11 January 2020, 21:59
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 16:07

Özay Günsel Children's University, applying educational workshops that support children's creativity and problem-solving skills, teaches students how to make desserts and drinks in a fun way through the Kitchen Workshop, which also improves hand skills, communication skills, and their general culture.

Özay Günsel Children's University students are given the chance to learn by practicing in educational workshops arranged in accordance with different age groups. Students participating in the Kitchen Workshop are raising awareness in using kitchen utensils and hygiene in food and cooking issues.

Earth, Sun, Galaxy-Universe group students, who participated in the Kitchen Workshop arranged for children's hand skills development, had the chance to learn the recipes of many different tastes from cookies to cakes and drinks.

They learn by touching, smelling, seeing, tasting…
In the kitchen, students learn many things such as measuring the ingredients in the mixture, mixing, examining the structure and color changes of food, smelling and tasting the mixtures, and understanding the importance of healthy and good nutrition. In addition to recognizing the ingredients during the kitchen work, the smell and tastes they receive before and during cooking also contribute to the personality and biological development of children.

Cookies and Beverage made…
Near East University, Faculty of Tourism, Department of Gastronomy teacher Anastasia Molla, who carried out a kitchen workshop with students, guided students in making the cookies and drinks specified in the “My Beverage Menu” and “Shaped Candy and Cookies”, and then they tasted their products.

The students learned how to prepare a beverage by choosing the appropriate fruit from their seasonal tastes and studied with the alternatives of decorations that enhance their imagination and creativity through the production of cookies in different ways. In a fully equipped kitchen where they receive hands-on training, students wearing hats and gowns, which were specifically prepared for them, created colorful images and learned with pleasure that cooking is an enjoyable activity.