Cooperation protocol signed between Near East Enterprises and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan in the fields of culture, education, health and tourism
Date Added: 18 September 2022, 16:34
Last Updated Date:19 September 2022, 09:50

Near East Enterprises has signed another international cooperation in the fields of education, culture, art, health and tourism. A cooperation protocol in the fields of culture, education, health and tourism was signed with the Delegation of the Republic of Tatarstan, which came to our country to make contacts and visited the Near East Enterprises.

On the Turkish side, the protocol signed by Near East University Founding Rector Dr. Suat Günsel, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Near East Enterprises and Chairman of the Executive Board of Hospitals Mehmet Soykurt and Director of the Museums Department of the Near East Enterprises Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal Özkul and Dorana Tourism Marketing and Organization Unit Manager Hüseyin Mavili; on behalf of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rudenko Gulzada Rakipovna, General Director of the Elabuga State Historical-Architecture and Art Open Air Museum, who is also a Member and Advisor of the Presidential Cultural Council of Tatarstan, signed the protocol.

In addition to Rudenko Gulzada Rakipovna, in the Delegation of the Republic of Tatarstan, Dean of the Faculty of Working with Foreign Students of Kazan Medical University Koshpayeva Yelena Svyatoslavovna; Director of Kazan Federal University Elabuga Institute Merzon Yelena Yefimovna; Head of the Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan Salyakhova Alfiya Flyurovna, Tatarstan State and People’s Artists Salyakhov Rabis Magalimovic and Marat Khayrutdinov took part.

The “Fine Arts September Exhibition” organized by the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and opened at the Exhibition Hall of the Near East University Faculty of Dentistry of President Ersin Tatar was opened in honor of the Tatarstan Delegation.

A special area was given to the Republic of Tatarstan at the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts
With the protocol signed between the Republic of Tatarstan Delegation and the Near East Enterprises, a special area for the Republic of Tatarstan will be opened in the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, which also has the mission of building cultural bridges between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Turkic world. In this area, works reflecting the historical and cultural symbols of the Republic of Tatarstan will be exhibited. Within the scope of the protocol, joint exhibitions will also be organized. The planned cultural collaborations are not limited to this. Mutual visits of writers, composers, artists and other persons engaged in creative activities, events to be mutually organized by theater groups and theater productions, concert programs and historical theater reconstructions in the two countries will also be held within the framework of the signed protocol.

Cooperation in the fields of health and tourism will be developed
It was decided to organize cultural and tourism tours together with the protocol, which also covers the development of tourism between the two countries. Congress, symposium, summer holiday camps for students, language courses and cultural tours will also be organized. Dorana Tourism will undertake the organization of the events to be held.

The protocol, which also covers health tourism, also determines the conditions under which the citizens of the Republic of Tatarstan will receive health services at the Hospitals of the Near East Enterprises. Near East University Hospital offers check-ups, in vitro fertilization treatments, bariatric surgeries, plastic and reconstructive surgeries, cancer treatments, heart diseases surgeries, eye diseases treatments, brain and nerve diseases surgeries and orthopedic surgeries to patients coming from Tatarstan within the scope of health tourism activities.