Community Service Practices and Social Responsibility Workshop was held at Near East University
Date Added: 22 March 2019, 15:06
Last Updated Date:19 November 2020, 13:36

The "Community Service Practices and Social Responsibility Workshop" was organized collaboratively by the Near East University Social Research and Development Center and Atatürk Faculty of Education.

The event was realized at the Grand Library Hall 4 with the participation of TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı and his spouse Meral Akıncı, YODAK Chairperson Dr. Akıle Buke, Labor and Social Security Minister Zeki Çeler, NEU Atatürk Faculty of Education Dean Professor Ismail Hakkı Mirici, Societal Research and Development Center Co-Chairperson Zehra Altınay and Günay Kibrit, President of TRNC Prime Ministry Coordination Committee for Persons with Disabilities.

The Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University released that the overriding aim of the workshop was to set forth the importance of social service and social responsibility, which is one of the important missions of the universities, and to determine policies regarding future. To this end, the workshop provided a scientific platform for NGOs, field experts and academics to discuss different projects on ten different topics.

The importance of realizing the social service practices, which is a basic course at the faculties of education, through science-based projects that customized to address the need of the society was particularly underlined during the workshop. The crucial role of coordination with the respective ministry and NGOs in achieving the best social service practices with social responsibility was also set forth.

Social Projects that customized to meet the Needs of All Segments of the Community are carried out under the Guidance of the University...
Delivering the opening speech of the workshop, Professor Zehra Altınay, the Co-Chairperson of the Societal Research and Development Center that affiliated to the Center of Excellence, stated that science and the needs of the society constituted the core of their social projects. She underlined the University's commitment to continuing to collaborate and support the respective institutions and organizations carrying out social benefit-oriented projects that designed accordingly the needs of all the segments of the community.

In his remarks, Professor Ismail Hakkı Mirici, the Dean of Atatürk Faculty of Education, stated that the overriding aim and vision of the Faculty is to raise teachers, who are innovative and equipped with comprehensive knowledge, professional ethics and social conscious and responsibilities. In recognition of their efforts, Professor Mirici extended his congratulations to the vice deans and coordinators of ten different projects, who took part in the workshop with this vision, and delivered information about the workshop.

In his remarks, vice Rector Associate Professor Mustafa Kurt underlined how important it is for a human being to be well aware of his/her social responsibilities and the society. Underlining the significant role of proper education in nourishing and developing social consciousness and responsibilities, he indicated that producing science for the benefit of mankind was utmost important. "In this regard, Near East University is a leading higher education institution grounding not only producing science, innovative research and projects but also on reflecting social responsibility awareness" said he.

The Services provided by Universities for the Society Are of Great Importance...
In his remarks, Günay Kibrit, President of TRNC Prime Ministry Coordination Committee for Persons with Disabilities, underlined the crucial role of collaboration and coordination in invigorating social consciousness and responsibility.

In her remarks, Professor Akıle Buke, the Chairperson of the Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council (YODAK), indicated that social service and social responsibility constituted one of the significant missions of the universities. "In this regard, social service and social responsibility should be given as much priority as education, training and research. I wish the quality of service to the community will increasingly go on. I would like to extend my appreciations to everyone that organized the workshop" noted she.

Minister Çeler: "Awareness should be raised to avoid the exploitation of those that provided contribution via the Social Responsibility and Social Welfare Campaigns on Social Media..."
In his remarks the Labor and Social Security Minister Zeki Çeler drew attention to the significant role of organized public or private social services for the assistance of disadvantaged groups in tightening the social bonds and ensuring an inclusive society for all. He also added that social consciousness should be raised to avoid the exploitation of those who were provided with contribution via social responsibility and welfare campaigns on social media.

Highlighting that contributions provided via social media by sensitive citizens were sometimes exploited, Minister Çeler stated that the workshop should also address what could be done to avoid the exploitation of the disadvantage groups that were provided assistance and contribution.

Underlining the significant role of conducting social benefit oriented studies in collaboration with other universities in pioneering concrete steps to be vtaken in future, Minister Çeler stated that he firmly believed that the data to be obtained from the workshop would be very useful.

Meral Akıncı: "It is pleasing that Universities Conduct Scientific Projects on Social Awareness and Social Responsibility..."
In her remarks, Meral Akıncı, the spouse of the President Mustafa Akıncı, stated that it was a source of pride and happiness that universities realized workshops that produced science and projects.
Indicating that she attached great importance on social projects and that she always prioritized giving support to such projects, Meral Akıncı underlined that The President Office carried out projects regarding children, young people and adults aiming at developing social responsibility awareness in the society.

Drawing attention to the fact that they were experiencing a good example of collaboration of conducting projects on social awareness and social responsibility, Meral Akıncı stated that women-oriented projects conducted by KAYAD, the association that chaired by her, continued successfully. She added that they would continue to carry out projects that created positive impacts as a service to the society.

Plaques were presented...
Following the speeches, plaques of appreciation were presented to Meral Akıncı, TRNC President's spouse, Zeki Çeler, the Minister of the Labor and Social Security, YODAK Chairperson Professor Akıle Buke, and Günay Kibrit, President of TRNC Prime Ministry Coordination Committee for Persons with Disabilities, for their support and contributions to the workshop.

Projects Concerning the Needs of the Society were shared...
After the presentation of the plaques, invitee speakers representing the non-governmental organizations delivered detailed information about the projects needed in the society. Ebru Tekman, moderator of the speeches and person in charge of EU Program Support Office in North Cyprus, delivered information about the projects and grants.

Representing non-governmental organizations, Bahire Doğru (KIKEV), Refika Ince (SOS Children's Village Association), Kani Kanol (HASDER), Asst. Prof. Dr. Nazım Kaşot (Taşkent Nature Park), Beran Dağtaş (Universal Patient Rights Association) and Special Education Principal Emirali Evcimen delivered speeches respectively.

Following the speeches, round-table meetings were held in ten different halls to debate 10 different projects. Project coordinators, expert Yücehan Yücesoy, Associate Professor Esen Sucuoğlu, Associate Ptofessor Nurdan Atamtürk, Expert Nevriye Yılmaz, Assitant Professor Mert Baştaş, Expert Sibel Süzek, Assistant Professor Fatma Baysen and Associate Professor Engin Baysen delivered speeches and presented their studies for determining the forward looking policies