Children Enjoyed Learning… Özay Günsel Children’s University Graduates Expressed Their Thoughts…

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Children Enjoyed Learning… Özay Günsel Children’s University Graduates Expressed Their Thoughts…

Özay Günsel Children’s University graduates, who were brought to life under the umbrella of the university at an early age to meet with science and scientists, art and artists, sports and athletes in order to realize their own talents and to create their own success stories, stated that they left the university happily.

The first students of Özay Günsel Children’s University shared their feelings and thoughts about the period they spent at the Özay Günsel Children’s University where they participated in the training programs. The students, who are satisfied with the creative and pleasant environment of the child-oriented syllabus, stated that they had both fun and learning during cultural trips throughout the off-campus education days. The professors, associate professors, assistant professors, doctors and specialist academics supported their personal development in their fields. The students said that they developed their questioning and problem solving skills and also they developed their imagination and new ideas by practicing what they have learned. The students stated that they also developed awareness about taking responsibility by working in a group and sensitivity to people and the environment, and also reinforced love of animals.

Children recognized themselves…
The common answer of the question “What did you get from the Children’s University” was “We became familiar with ourselves”. Responding to the question of what a child-friendly campus should look like, the students dreamed that there would be glass pane between the buildings, walkways, parks, gardens, open-air amphitheater and exhibition grounds around the lake on the Near East University campus.

Small Steps Big Dreams…
Özay Günsel Children’s University Evren (Universe) and Galaksi (Galaxy) Group students said that they had an idea about their choice of profession and they also developed opinions on the areas that were not suitable for them.

Cemaliye Baydar: Özay Günsel Children’s University has made many improvements for us. Instead of sitting at home all day, we came here and had fun and learned. Our teachers always wanted the best for us. They gave us training in the most fun way. It was a rehearsal for our future. We took lessons about the professions and our teachers gave us an idea of what profession we want to choose. I found out that the bakery part is not suitable for me. But I have observed that I am predisposed to the field of psychology. It was very nice. Our teachers have always been kind and understanding. They also trained us by acting like friends. Actually, we got to know ourselves a little bit here.

Atilla Gözütok: During my time at the Özay Günsel children’s university, I had a lot of fun and learned while having fun. Our teachers took good care of us. We also carried out various activities. We have studied on many professions varying from chief to nurse. My favorite courses were medicine. We ate nice and hearty meals. We went to the sea and nature trips one day a week. With the culture trips we became more familiar with our country. This place helped me understand what I really enjoyed doing.

They enjoyed cooking and designing…
The students of Sun Group liked cooking and robotic coding the most.

Adnan Menderes: I liked this place and the teachers very much. I’m designing my own pizza now, I liked the robotic coding and swimming activities. In robot design, we learned how a robot’s mechanical devices work and how to assemble parts by removing and installing them. I want to come to Özay Günsel Children’s University again next semester.

Azra Yoğrancıoğlu: I love Özay Günsel Children’s University. I would like to come again next year. I like “designing the pizza myself” activity and the Faculty of Architecture. It was fun to make cakes, cookies and sweets. Here we have fun training.

The little ones had fun in sportive activities…
World Group students enjoyed swimming and sports activities the most.

Aziz Reşatoğlu: I liked the painting lesson the most. Swimming and sports at the sports tower were fun.

Ateş Behlül: I liked going to the sea and sporting activities.

Arel Eriz: I liked the faculty of architecture in the activities. We had fun. We’ve made new friends here.

Yeşim Bergü: We had a great time here. I enjoyed the veterinary, basketball and swimming activities. We cooked dinner and dessert.