Champions raise morale before Final-Four

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Added On: 30 March 2018, Friday, 08:18
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Champions raise morale before Final-Four

Near East University Women’s Basketball Team, reaching to five championships and five cups with the 25th Presidential Cup and Turkey Women’s Cup, the board of directors, the technical committee and the players came together at a dinner for raising morale before the Final-Four.

According to the information given by the Near East University Sports Club, the team and club administrators meeting at the restaurant called Rubby in Istanbul before the Final-Four which will be held in the city of Spron, Hungary, between April 20-22, raised morale for the tough competition and celebrated the championships of the 25th Presidency Turkey Cup and Turkey Women’s Cup.

Having the meal in a very friendly environment, the players and the administrators of the club celebrated the success they had achieved.

Işık Eyigüngör: “We trust to our players”
Near East University Sports Club President Isik Eyigüngör emphasized that they gave a morale and celebration meal to their players before the tough and exciting Final-Four conveyed their best wishes to the players.

Club President Eyigüngör expressed that the team had a busy season and achieved great success in challenging lanes, “We had a very nice night together. We won the 25th President’s Cup and we shared the joy of reaching the fifth round of the Turkey Cup final and also raised the morale of our players with this celebration before participating in the tough Euroleague Final Four for the first time. It was a nice night for the team’s morale and motivation. ”

Bahar Caglar: “We want to be Euroleauge Champion”
Team Leader Bahar Çağlar, thanked the Board of Directors of the Near East University Women’s Basketball Team, who organized the dinner, and said, “We are delighted to continue our achievements in addition to the ones we had achieved last season. We will continue to work harder and harder to achieve the goals we have set. Our achievements are not a coincidence. We have an experienced coach and technical-management team. The team spirit and unity reflected in the games the exercises brought us success. The support of the Turkish Cypriot people in North Cyprus motivates us. As a family, we are all fighting together. Our current goal is to achieve a good success in the Final-Four. First of all, we are the only Turkish team to reach up to the finals of the Final Four and then we want to have the pride by winning the cup of the Euroleague Final Four for the first time. We will do our best”.