Cardiovascular diseases are taken under control with early diagnosis and lifestyle change
Date Added: 08 June 2020, 10:15
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 10:38
Highlighting that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths globally, Asst. Professor Doctor Hatice Kemal Günsel, Cardiovascular Specialist from the Cardiology Section of Near East University Hospital, stated that problems leading to premature sudden deaths can be prevented by virtue of regular hearth health check-up.

Cardiovascular diseases rank the top of the causes of deaths globally...
Stating that cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 cause of death globally, Asst. Professor Doctor Hatice Kemal Günsel noted that many cardiovascular diseases can be taken under control by early diagnosis and lifestyle changes. Touching upon the significant role of regular hearth health check-up in early diagnosis, Asst. Professor Doctor Hatice Kemal Günsel underlined that men generally develop cardiovascular disease at a younger age than women. "Although cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths both in women, there are substantial gender differences in the prevalence and burden of different cardiovascular diseases. The prevalence of cardiovascular disease increases especially in males over forty. Women tend to develop cardiovascular disease at an older age than men. This later age of onset in women is linked to the hormonal changes that follow menopause. Persons with a family story of death(s) caused by heart disease or sudden deaths caused by unknown causes are under higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Possessing one or more risk factors increases a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease. People who are over the age of forty and concerned about their risk factor profile should have a heart health check-up at least once a year. Cardiovascular disease risk factors can be reduced or controlled with an early diagnosis and prevented by making certain lifestyle changes" said she.

Many problems leading to premature sudden death is detected by heart health check-up...
Expressing that blood pressure, blood glucose level, cholesterol values, kidney and liver functions should certainly monitored while performing a heart health check-up, Asst. Professor Doctor Hatice Kemal Günsel underlined that a cardiac stress test should also be carried out unless the person has physical limitations. In heart checkups, congenital or acquired abnormal rhythm disorders, which are life-threatening and impaired the quality of life in different age groups, can be detected. It is absolutely important to perform echocardiography, which is known as cardiac ultrasonography. In echocardiography, heart valve diseases, heart holes, congenital heart diseases, cardiac contraction disorder, presence of enlargement of the heart cavities and aortic diseases can be evaluated in detail. A congenital disorder in heart structure that may lead to sudden death, an occlusion to be formed in heart vessels at early age, familial high cholesterol, diabetes and the presence of any pro-coagulant that may cause clotting in the vein can be detected during heart health checkup.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hatice Kemal Günsel: "People engaged in active sports should have regular heart check-up..."
Stating that it is enough for people with normal heart health check-up results to have a checkup every five years until the age of forty, Asst. Professor Hatice Kemal Günsel drew attention to the vital importance of having a heart health check-up once a year for people, who are over forty years of age, who have cardiovascular disease risk factor, who have a family story of heart disease of first blood relatives, who smoke and consume alcohol, who have high levels of cholesterol, who suffer from diabetes and hypertension. In addition, public transport drivers, pilots, surgeons and managers should also be included in the annual check-up programs. Newcomer and active athletes and professional athletes should also pay attention to have regular check-ups” noted she.