Calligraphic Workshop with Near East University Art Trainer Prof. Dr. Halis Bicer
Date Added: 03 May 2018, 14:32
Last Updated Date:20 November 2020, 11:05

Near East University Faculty of Communication Visual Communication and Design Department hosted Prof. Dr. Halis Biçer, who has been working on art education in Turkey for 52 years and is the creator of The Halis Grotesque Font.

According to the information given by the Near East University Press and Public Relations Directorate, Prof. Dr. Halis Biçer conducted a workshop and made presentation on "Typography in Graphic Design and Communication, Place and Applications of Calligraphy" with the participation of instructors and students. In the workshop where students have the opportunity to realize calligraphic writing applications and examples of logo and emblem design were mentioned, the importance of advertisement in graphic design was emphasized.

Original work in professional development is important...
Professor Dr. Halis Biçer who gave information about the workshop stated that they need to develop themselves in many ways in the direction of the professions they have selected and that diplomas only will not be sufficient and that they can only stand out from other colleagues with their original studies. He added that there is no borderlines in art, that art is constant, and that although he is 78 years old he is still interested in art, and continues to produce. In addition to this, Prof. Dr. Biçer said that today people say "I do not know" to refuse to take shelter and this is definitely wrong. Dr. Biçer also emphasized that it is much easier to access knowledge and technology nowadays.

The event ended with the presentation of participation certificates by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gökçe Keçecş, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Head of Visual Communication and Design.