Art is on the street at the Near East University!
Date Added: 15 April 2021, 12:27
Last Updated Date:20 April 2021, 09:16

On April 15, World Art Day, it is aimed to bring art to the public in the public sphere. On the Near East University campus, art is on the street every day of the year!
Every year, April 15 is celebrated as the “World Art Day” at the international level with the aim of bringing art to the public sphere and meeting the public on the street. Near East University Campus, which looks like an open-air museum, brings art to art lovers in the open air all year, not just for a day.

Over 100 bronze sculptures made by the Near East University Sculpture Workshop are exhibited on the campus. Sculptures, which appear in different areas, make art a natural part of daily life not only for university students but also for everyone on their way to the campus.

Over 100 monumental sculptures are exhibited on the Near East University campus
Horses placed in the green area in the middle of the test driving area just outside the GÜNSEL Production Facilities reveal the environmentalist side of 100% electric car GÜNSEL. The bull statues that greet their guests on the way to the production facilities symbolize GÜNSEL’s power.

Other sculptures on the Near East University Campus include athlete figures from sports such as athletics, basketball and golf. Dancer sculptures that make a strong impression with dance figures accompany the sculptures of athletes on the campus. The ballerina sculptures at the entrance of the Atatürk Cultural Center refer to the value that the cultural center gives to art. There are sculptural figures identified with them outside the Near East University Hospital, Near East Preschool, Near East College and many other faculty buildings located on the campus.

Art is at the center of life on the Near East University campus!
On the Near East University Campus, where a vibrant art atmosphere is experienced, the Cyprus Car Museum, which is also the only classic automobile museum of the island, the Cyprus Herbarium and Natural History Museum, which gives the opportunity to see the natural history of the island under a single roof, with a rich material variety of 35 thousand. It also hosts the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and the Günsel Office Museum, which bring together different types of contemporary art, primarily painting and sculpture. Near East University, which makes art an integral part of campus life, brings art together with the streets of the TRNC.

Nicosia Walled City Museum and Günsel Art Museum located in Dereboyu bring together its visitors with art on the one hand, and on the other hand, brings art to the street with the sculptures outside the museum. Kyrenia University campus, Near East Bank Headquarters Building, Near East Yeniboğaziçi campus and Dr. Suat Günsel Girne College campus also makes art visible in life with the sculptures they host. The number of sculptures made at the Near East University Sculpture Workshop and exhibited in the streets of the TRNC exceeds 200, together with the sculptures exhibited in the campus area.