AKADEMİADA X. International Art Academy begins at Near East University
Date Added: 28 April 2019, 11:49
Last Updated Date:19 November 2020, 10:34

The Academiada (AcademyIsland) held annually by the Faulty of Fine Arts and Design, Near East University is organizing the 10th event in cooperation with the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts this year. The event will start on 29th April Monday.

According to the press information provided by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of the Near East University, this year only the sculpture works will be produced throughout the international event of Akademiada that will last 15 days and participated by artists and academicians from leading universities. This will be the 10th of the art event.

The Akademiada, which is also referred as the International Academy of Art, will host artists and academicians who are competent in their field; Ahmet Özer from Pamukkale University, Ceren Tekin Karagöz, Tamay Uysal from Akdeniz University, Oğuzcan Genç, Mukaddes Dönmez, Evrim Ergün, Raif Dimililer from the Near East University, and academician artists will take part in the workshops held by the Art Academy. The sculptures produced by the sculptors and academicians will be exhibited at the Near East University Hospital Exhibition Hall. The sculptures produced by 13 sculptors will be presented to the art lovers on May 13, 2019 at the Near East University Hospital Exhibition Hall. In addition to the artists who participated in the workshop of X. International Art Academy, Faruk Manici, Kübra Türkmenoğlu, Ferit Yazıcı, Özcan Karakoç, Ayhan Yılmaz from Hacettepe University and Nuriye Uz from Anadolu University will take part in the exhibition.

Since 2009, AKADEMİADA International Art Academy, which consists of painting, painting, ceramic, sculpture, graphic, photography and printing works, has been held by the Near East University Faculty of Fine Arts and Design and bringing together artists and designer academicians.