A Well-Balanced Diet is significant for Your Immune System
Date Added: 27 April 2020, 15:56
Last Updated Date:17 November 2020, 11:58
East University Hospital Dietician Gültaç Dayı made a statement and expressed that With the arrival of winter months, it is necessary to have a strong immune system in order to protect against common diseases; and that a strong immune system required adequate and a well-balanced nutrition. Furthermore, she pointed out the major role vitamin-C plays in building a strong immune system.

Adequate and Balanced Nutrition Protects Our Immune System
In addition to the above, Gültaç Dayı expressed that the immune system is the system that protects us against the harmful effects of viruses, bacteria, parasites and microorganisms that cause infections in our body.

Before utilizing drugs and vaccines developed during outbreaks, Gültaç Dayı expressed how important it was to strengthen one’s natural immunity system. In order to do this, she emphasised the significance of providing the body with adequate and well-balanced nutrition. Further explaining the details of “well-balanced nutrition”, Gültaç Dayı stated that it meant having a diet consisting of a variety of different types of food and providing adequate amounts of the nutrients necessary for good health. In addition, Gültaç Dayı noted that in order to get enough fibre, vitamins and minerals, care should be taken to consume vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin C Boosts the Immune System
Dietician Gültaç Uncle said that it is necessary to consume salad according to the season in every meal and added that consuming three or four portions of fruit per day is beneficial in strengthening the immune system. She also drew attention to the consumption of 2.5 litres of water per day, so that the digestive and excretory system can function properly and the first vitamin to come to mind was vitamin C. Gültaç Dayı said:

“Therefore, you should definitely include foods such as orange, lemon, tangerine, kiwi, grapefruit, which are the source of vitamin C, in your daily diet. Also, eat foods high in antioxidants to strengthen your immune system. Foods such as pomegranate, green tea, carrot and garlic are rich in antioxidants.”

Omega-3 Strengthens Our Immune System
Dietician Gültaç Dayı expressed that Omega-3, one of the most delicious fatty acids, also strengthens the immune system. In other words, she emphasised that Omega-3 strengthens the immune system and has a very positive effect on the nervous system and cardiovascular health. Therefore, she expressed the necessity to take care to consume fish rich in Omega-3 at least two days a week. She said:

“In order to meet the needs of vitamins and minerals in the winter period, it is necessary to pay attention to frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables. It is also important to consume foods that contain vitamins A, C, E. We should consume fruits and vegetables such as oranges, tangerines, celery and cabbage to keep the immune system strong in winter.”