60 little students from Gönyeli Fazıl Plümer Preschool visited Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts
Date Added: 16 November 2018, 12:31
Last Updated Date:19 November 2020, 16:49

Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, which is located opposite of the Cyprus Museum of Classic and Sports Car in the Museums Zone of Near East University Campus, hosted 60 little students along with 5 teachers from Gönyeli Fazıl Plümer Preschool.

According to the info delivered by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, Şerife Alkan, one of the guides of the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, welcomed the visiting students and their teachers and provided them with information about the museum and the artworks exhibited in the museum.

Neyire Bürüncük: "Such museum visits can help to raise art awareness in children..."
Highlighting the crucial role of extra-scholastic social activities in the development of children, the preschool teacher Neyire Bürüncük expressed her views: “After learning about the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, as a child development expert, I thought that a visit to such a museum would definitely help our students to learn a lot about art and our artistic values, so we have organized this visit” noted she.

Highlighting that such visits could help to raise art awareness in children, Bürüncük stated that it was possible that the children were not aware of the value of those artworks adding that such awareness could only be raised with such visits. “I am really proud of it. Believe me; I was affected while I was touring the museum. We did not have such possibilities when we were children. They will understand in future how lucky they are. I would like to extend my appreciations to mainly the Founding Rector Dr. Suat İ. Günsel for esteeming art and artists this much, and I also thank to everyone who provided contribution” said she.