3 International Events from Near East University Lecturer Gazi Yüksel
Date Added: 04 April 2018, 09:31
Last Updated Date:20 November 2020, 13:53

Gazi Yüksel, a lecturer at the Faculty of Communication of the Near East University, attended 12th International Çukurova Art Days and conducted 3 international events.

According to the press statement made by the Press and Public Relations Directorate, the TRNC Mersin Consul General Ayşen İnaniroğlu also participated in the private painting exhibition of Gazi Yüksel titled "Our Walls" at Adana Altınoran Art Academy. Yüksel's exhibition was announced to be open until April 4.

Conceptual Photographs carrying the title of "Metaphorical Stories" attracted great interest
Yüksel, who made two presentations at the Mersin Photography Association within the scope of the Çukurova Art Days, attracted great interest and appreciation. The contents of the first show in Mersin consisted of dark room and computer photographs, which he described as "photography engineering", and carried the title "Metaphoric Stories". The demonstration in which the conceptual photographs took place was in a retrospective style.

Dramatic Story of "Headscarf from cradle to grave" received a standing ovation
Gazi Yüksel's second show at the Mersin Photography Association was a multi-disciplinary work called "Headscarf from cradle to grave". The study, in which the dramatic story of the Turkish Cypriot women with the traditional headscarf was presented, received a standing ovation.

Gazi Yüksel took part in the 15th International Photography Competition Jury organized by Adana Rotary Club.
Yüksel also took part in the jury of the 15th International Photography Competition organized by the Adana Rotary Club. 1489 people participated in the first and the only open jury meeting of the world which is lively followed by the art lovers from around the world. In this activity, a total of 5,193 photographs were evaluated in the categories of Landscape and Conceptual Photography.