2015-2016 Summer School Final Exam Schedule
Date Added: 22 July 2016, 12:50
Last Updated Date:20 November 2020, 09:54

Important Announcement:

  • Mid-Term Exams will be held during lecture hours and dates will be announced by course
  • There will be no make-up or resit exams for summer school.
15.08.2016 Monday
9:00-10:30MAN308Oper. Research and Mgmt.115*
ENG 206Academic Writing303**
EKON 307Kamu Maliyesi305**
11:00-12:30ECON 312Intern. Pol. Econ115*
CIS 348E-Business SystemsCIS Lab
SİY 411Siyasal İletişim II303**
13:00-14:30POL 412Nationalism116*
15:00-16:30POL 205Political Psychology015*
ECON 440Game Theory116*
17:00-18:30IR 404Minorities and Minority Rights015*
16.08.2016 Tuesday
9:00-10:30IR 311Turk. For. Policy I015*
IR 426The Middle East116*
EKON 409Kalkınma Ekon.305**
MTMK 282İstatistik II303**
11:00-12:30FIN 302Financial Mgmt.115*
CIS 132Intro. To Alg. and Prog.CIS Lab
SİY 406Türkiye’nin Demokratikleşmesi303**
EKON 308Endüstrial Ekon. Ve Yön.305**
13:00-14:30CIS 435E-Learning SystemsCIS Lab
IR 312International Orgs.115*
MARK 402International Marketing015*
IR 407Cold War116*
15:00-16:30POL 413Political Reconciliation115*
MAN 409MIS116*
EKON 202Makroiktisat305**
17.08.2016 Wednesday
9:00-10:30FIN 404International Finance116*
ECON 202Macroeconomics015*
POL 428EU Politics303**
09:00-12:00MHSB 202Finansal Muhasebe II305**
11:00-12:30IR 423Balkan Politics116*
CIS 421Software TestingCIS Lab
MARK 307Consumer Behaviour015*
YNTM 407Stratejik Yönetim303**
13:00-14:30ECON 101Principles of Econ. I015*
ECON 305İktisat Düşünce Tarihi115*
15:00-16:30MAN 307Research Methods115*
BY 425Bilgi Yönetimi305**
17:00-18:30IR 422Conflict and Conflict Resolution305***


* Faculty of Medicine

** Faculty of Veterinary Medicine