The rise of Near East Angels continues

Added On: 16 February 2016, Tuesday, 23:16
Last Edited On: 11 December 2019, Wednesday, 10:03
The rise of Near East Angels continues

With three consecutive winnings, Near East University Women’s Basketball Team continues its rising in the league.

After the 19th week matches of Bilyoner com. Women’s Basketball League, Near East University Women’s Basketball Team’s General Manager Erhan Ayaz, Coach Ilker Gözeneli and team’s captain Şebnem Kimyacıoğlu expressed their views regarding the team.

Erhan Ayaz: “The team has regained its strength and taken a turn to the better; I believe that they will continue to the winning streak”

Team’s General Manager Erhan Ayaz highlighted that they were very satisfied with the players’ performance that they exhibited in the last matches. “As a team, we have begun to achieve the results that we deserve. Although we are satisfied with the results, we will continue to do everything to improve the players’ performances and motivation to the utmost level to continue to win. We have transferred new players and strengthened our defense. During our last three matches, the team performed very satisfactory zone defense along with offensive attacks. We will do our best to achieve our goals” said he.

The rise of Near East Angels continues

İlker Gözeneli: “As a team, we have gained a good momentum; we will give it a further boost to realize new accomplishments”

Near East University Women’s Basketball Team’s coach İlker Gözeneli stated that they were very pleased with the winning streak that the team achieved. “As a team, we have taken a good turn and regained our strength and as a result we’ve begun to get the results that we desire. Three winnings that we achieved consequently was really a good morale for the team. We have begun to perform a very satisfactory zone defense as a team. The team plays with team spirit and fight toe to toe to the last drop of their sweat. Skills in supporting each other, sharing feelings, goals and playing basketball within a sound of team spirit are very satisfactory. With this spirit, we want to continue to win” said he

The rise of Near East Angels continues

Şebnem Kimyacıoğlu: “We are a good team; we want to rank the place that we deserve in the league”

Team’s captain Şebnem Kimyacıoğlu stated that they gained a nice momentum as a team and practiced in full stream with all their might to sustain it. “As Near East University, we are a good team. We have made a good turn and come to ourselves by winning our last three matches. Our morale has risen and what’s more, our self-confidence that we can achieve has increased. We practice very hard in order to ensure the continuation of our accomplishments. I have no doubt that we will achieve it” said she.