The Near East University Hospital is purchasing Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System

Added On: 02 October 2015, Friday, 11:44
Last Edited On: 31 August 2016, Wednesday, 11:14

Within its innovative approach to health, the Near East University Hospital is committed to provide the latest technological medical systems and devices and offer safe, quality and affordable health services. To this end, the Near East University Hospital will begin to use the da Vinci Surgical System which is the latest and sophisticated robotic technology designed to expand the surgeon’s capabilities and offer a state-of-the-art minimally invasive option for major surgeries.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of the Near East University, the initiatives have been launched towards equipping the Near East University Hospital with da Vinci Robotic Surgical System. The system is commonly used for prostatectomy, pediatric surgery, thoracic and abdominal surgeries, head and neck surgeries, nose and throat surgeries, cardiovascular surgery and increasingly for cardiac valve repair and gynecologic surgical procedures. The da Vinci System features a magnified 3D high-definition vision system and tiny wristed instruments that enable the surgeon to operate with enhanced vision, precision and control.

Robotic surgery era begins…

The da Vinci System, which consists of a surgeon’s console and a patient-side cart with four interactive robotic arms that controlled from the console, offers opportunity for surgeons to perform surgery. Seated comfortably at the da Vinci console, the surgeon views a magnified, high-resolution 3D image of the surgical site inside the body and the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System seamlessly turns the surgeon’s hand movements into precise micro-movements of the da Vinci instruments. The da Vinci System has been designed to improve upon conventional laparoscopy. By providing surgeons with superior visualization, enhanced dexterity, greater precision and ergonomic comfort, the da Vinci Surgical System is much more advantageous compared to conventional laparoscopy. The da Vinci System also provides the patient with all the benefits of the minimally invasive procedure, including less pain, less blood loss, a faster recovery and faster return to normal daily activities.

The interactive robotic arms are capable to rotate 540 (360+180) degrees enabling the surgeon to control the miniature da Vinci surgical instruments and carry out all required manipulations with unprecedented accuracy, flexibility and range of motion.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrfan S. Günsel: We follow up all technological innovations with great importance that we place on human health.
Touching upon the commitment of the Near East University Hospital in providing the highest quality and safest healthcare by utilizing from the latest technology, Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrfan S. Günsel delivered a brief explanation regarding the issue. “At every opportunity, we underline the great importance that we place on human health. In this context, we follow every technological breakthroughs and innovations. In the line with our fundamental objectives and devotion to human health, we continue to equip our hospital with the latest technological devices and the most advanced techniques. Within this frame, the Near East University Hospital is getting ready to offer an innovative option for patients; robot-assisted surgery using the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System. This breakthrough technology is a minimally invasive alternative and can be used for many complex surgical procedures. By using this latest technology, we will provide the patient with a successful surgery, a shorter hospital stay, less risk of infection, faster recovery and a quicker return to normal daily activities. As Near East University Hospital, we are always committed to offering the best services to our society and mankind” said Günsel.