Near East University hosts the “Barrier-Free Information Days”

Added On: 01 December 2015, Tuesday, 14:14
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Near East University hosts the “Barrier-Free Information Days”

Many experts will meet at the Near East University on 10-11 December 2015. Throughout the “Barrier-Free Information Days” that will last two days, several issues including use of technology by disabled citizens and employment opportunities will be discussed and a workshop titled “Children learn from what they live” will also be carried out.

“Barrier-free Information Days” coordinated by Celal Bayar University, hosted by the Near East University and conducted under the main sponsorship of TRNC Turkcell, will be carried out between 10-11 December 2015 in cooperation with Turkey Barrier-Free Information Platform, Near East University TRNC Barrier-Free Information Platform, NEU Centre of Excellence and National Research and Development Centre under Centre of Excellence.

According to a press statement released by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of Near East University, several important subjects such as the use of technology by disabled citizens, use of sign language, mobile learning and opportunities will be discussed in detail. Within the scope of the event, the workshop titled “Children learn from what they live” will be held and the safety and legal rights of children will be discussed in this workshop on the second day.

Attempts have been made to create awareness about the rights of disabled individuals…

Near East University has initiated attempts to raise awareness on rights of disabled individuals, ensure obeying the requirements specified in UN Disabled Rights Convention, conduct a pilot study at the Near East College and Near East Primary School in order to create a guidance for the arrangements planned to be brought into life at the other schools and bring the results into attention of Ministry of Education, making arrangements to hold consequtive seminars for both elementary, secondary and high school teachers, and establishing Barrier-Free Beach. Besides, teaching through tablet computers was proposed and pilot applications were carried out at the Near East institutions. Presentations were made at the symposium of “Disableds and Media” in Istanbul, “Barrier-Free Information” studies were carried out in cooperation with Turkey Information Foundation and events related to this issue were supported, reports were made, and within the scope of “Barrier-Free Mother and Child” project, guidance and assistance was provided to mothers having disabled children. Also, support was given to Ministry of Education at the workshop of “Barrier-Free Education” and public was informed through the studies carried out in cooperation with media.

Near East University hosts the “Barrier-Free Information Days”

Prof. Dr. Nedime Serakıncı: “This year we are hosting the third event and will move ahead the point so far we have reached”.

Prof. Dr. Nedime Serakıncı, President of Centre of Excellence of Near East University, stating that they are much delighted to once more host all the foundations, institutions and the individual participants within the framework of Barrier-Free Information Days and referring to the activities of the platfrom carried out since it was first established, said that cooperation started first time with signatures of hers on behalf of Centre of Excellence and Mustafa Kalac, who is the coordinator of Turkey Barrier-Free Information Platform, and first Barrier-Free Information Days event was held. Serakıncı emphasized that academic projects aiming to ease the life of disabled individuals are important as much as social responsibility. Serakıncı said “This year we are realizing the third of the series of this event and we are going to take further steps for barrier-free life. We will go further from the point so far we have reached. I do sincerely thank to everybody participating and cooperating in this event.”

“Barrier-Free Information Days” will be held at Grand Library of Near East University on 10-11 December 2015.