Near East University Hospital has left behind its 5th year with its 670 personnel

Added On: 13 October 2015, Tuesday, 12:47
Last Edited On: 13 October 2015, Tuesday, 12:47

Chief physician of Near East University Hospital Dr. Sevim Erkmen has made a declaration since the NEU Hospital had left behind its 5th year with its 670 personnel.

According to the press info release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, the university is currently honoured to announce that the NEU Hospital had completed its 5th year with its 670 personnel. It was stated that, with the establishment of the NEU Hospital, the community has found the opportunity to receive high-quality health services, alongside incidents involving correct diagnosis and relevant treatments. It was added that the university was highly honoured to have made this possible and everyone working at the NEU hospital was thanked for their contributions and efforts to the hospital.

Currently, there are 130 academicians (professors, associate professors, and assistant professors) doctors, 194 health personnel, making a total of 670 people are working to provide health services at the NEU Hospital. Since 2010, the hospital received and provided treatment to around 500,000 patients.

Founding Rector, Dr. Suat İ. Günsel: “Targeting not to forget the expression ‘to live a continental life on an island’, we aimed to provide the best of health services through the use of latest technologies, which would be found in the most developed countries. Thus, showing particular care regarding ethics in medicine and patient rights, we are working at our best to facilitate health services to the people of this country.”

In our Emergency Service, there are cardiologists, specialists and emergency service doctors providing services for 24 hours…

Aiming to provide the best health services in the Emergency Service for 24 hours, there are highly competent emergency service doctors and specialists working 24 hours. Particularly emergency incidents regarding all sorts of cardiological issues, there is a team of cardiologists ready to intervene at an instant.

24 hour Radiology and Analytical Laboratory Services…

We provide 24 hour service at our nuclear medicine and laboratories in the field of medical imaging.
In vitro fertilisation centre functions under ethical rules and in accordance with the relative laws. While providing services, we prioritise respect to individuals, safety and confidentiality.

Unfortunately cancer incidents in our country is quite high. However, we announce that medical oncology and radiation oncology centre is fully equipped with the latest technologies to be utilised by highly competent personnel.
We are also honoured due to providing continuous and high-quality services at the haemodialysis centre for patients with chronic kidney failure and chronic kidney diseases.

The first artificial heart transplant…

We are proud to state that the first artificial heart transplant was realised by the NEU hospital and we have conducted 4 artificial heart transplants.

In order to reach and provide quick services to a larger number of people, we have opened the Kyrenia Hospital and Famagusta and Guzelyurt Dispensaries in 2015.
As a result of 5 years, we are proud and honoured. We are determined to keep up with innovations and technologies to provide the best health services to the people of out country.

Dr. Sevim ERKMEN
Near East University Hospital
Chief Physician