Computer Engineering Department based on the Data Communications & Networking and Computer Hardware courses had workshops with the Supercomputer administrators

Added On: 04 December 2015, Friday, 11:18
Last Edited On: 04 December 2015, Friday, 11:19

During the workshops; the architecture of the Supercomputer and how it’s instructions are processed by a parallel architecture were explained, how the Supercomputer consists of individual computers called blades which each blade consist of its own RAMs and CPUs which designed with four power supplies where they have a blade center which was shown to the students, All the blades of the Supercomputer are connected by using a 40 Gbps infiniband switch and each bladecenter has cooling systems behind, apart from the conventional air conditioner and this was also shown to the students.

During the workshop the students understood that alot of blades which work parallely together gives the performance of one single Supercomputer, the blades in the supercomputer also individually comprise of normal computer components like the RAM’s which give the performance of one powerful computer.

The students also learnt that the Supercomputer’s reputation depends on the switch which is very unique in Cyprus and it has a speed of 40 Gbps per second for data transfer, further it was explained to the students that the Supercomputer also has components very importantly called firewalls which give access, authorization and also gives security to the connected networks to the supercomputer.