Dorana Tourism

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Near East Tourism and Travel Services (NETTS) was established in 1996 initially as a unit to provide services to Near East University and in-house specialised training for the students of the School of Tourism & Hotel Management. Dorana Tourism Agency and Dorana Hotel in Girne are wholly owned subsidiaries of NETTS.
Dorana Tourism Agency is a modern and dynamic tourism agency which carries out active projects both at home and abroad and is a full member of Cyprus Turkish Tourism and Travel Agent’s Association.

As well as providing its services to the students, teaching staff and personnel at Near East University, Dorana Tourism Agency has secured a prominent position in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a tour operator. Dorana Tourism Agency organises and sees through all arrangements necessary for the successful realisation of international conferences, seminars and congresses. Dorana Tourism Agency is one of the leading tourism agencies in the field of corporate hospitality. Furthermore, Dorana Tourism Agency is expanding its services by introducing new projects such as ‘language schools’ and ‘swimming schools’. Dorana Tourism Agency’s latest project is the launch of its “Medical Tourism Service” set-up to assist prospective patients wishing to benefit from the expertise of Near East University’s new Faculty of Dentistry. Customer satisfaction is our primary aim.